Undergraduate courses

Great Performances (First Year Writing Requirement, Honors Core Curriculum), Engaging Performance, Translation Across Disciplines, 22 Ways to Think about Translation, Translating World Literatures, Introduction to Comparative Literature, What is Literature?, Introduction to Poetry, Victorian Literature and the Woman Question, Women Poets and Feminist Critics, Victorian Poetry, Gender and the Arts, Greek Tragedy in Modern Performance, Sappho and the Lyric Tradition, Women Writers and Classical Myth, The Victorian World of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Graduate courses

Comparative Poetics and Lyric Theory, Nineteenth-century Poetry and (in, as, of) Translation, Victorian Poetry and Prosody, Nineteenth-century Women Poets, British Aestheticism, Feminist Literary Criticism, The Tropes of Translation, Comparative Approaches to Classical Reception,  Classical Translations and Translating Classics, Interdisciplinary Seminar on Hearing Voices in the Nineteenth Century, Introduction to Comparative Literature


Director of Doctoral Dissertation:

Julia Hansen, Ph.D. in English Literature (2016, co-chair with Julie Ellison), “Transatlantic Vividness: Imagining at a Distance in Nineteenth-Century Poetry”

Mei-Chen Pan, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2016, co-chair with Jonathan Zwicker), “From Empire to Motherland: Politics of Translation in the Literatures of Transcolonial Taiwan, 1937-1960”

Adam Mazel, Ph.D. in English Literature (2014), “The Work and Play of Rhyme in Victorian Verse Cultures, 1850-1900”

Matthew Pfaff, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2013), “Strange New Canons: The Aesthetics of Classical Reception in American Experimental Poetry”

Michael Rinaldo, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2013), “Breaking the Letter:Illegibility as Intersign in Cy Twombly, Steve McCaffery and Susan Howe”

Christopher Love, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2008, co-chair with Vassilis Lambropoulos), “Creating Tragic Spectators: Rebellion and Ambiguity in World Tragedy”

David Ruderman, Ph.D. in English Literature (2008, co-chair with Marjorie Levinson), “Breathing Space: Infancy and Aesthetics in Nineteenth-century British Poetry and Poetics”

Sheshalatha Reddy, Ph.D. in English Literature (2008), “The Poetics of Nation and Empire: Imagining ‘India’ in English”

Meredith Martin, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2007), “The Rise and Fall of Meter: Poetic Form and English National Culture 1880-1920”

Meilee Bridges, Ph.D. in English Literature (2006), “Re-Presenting the Past: Literary Excavations of Antiquity in Nineteenth-Century England”

Suzanne Spring, Ph.D. in English and Education (2005, co-chair With Anne Gere), “Forming Letters: Mount Holyoke, Emily Dickinson, and Nineteenth-Century Epistolary Composition”

Charles Pierre La Porte, Ph.D. in English Literature (2003), “Victorian Poetry as Sacred Scripture: Poetic Ambition from Tennyson to George Eliot”

Monika Cassel, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2001), “Poetesses at the Grave: Transnational Circulation of Women’s Memorial Verse in Nineteenth-Century England, Germany, and America”

Laura Williams, Ph.D. in English Literature (1999), “‘I, Writing Thus’: Victorian Women Poets Write the Dramatic Monologue”

Frauke Lenckos, Ph. D. in Comparative Literature (1997, co-chair with Martha Vicinus), “The Aesthetics of the Sublime and the Marvelous in the Poetry of Annette von Droste-Hulshoff and Christina Rossetti”

Maria Stadter Fox, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (1996, co-chair with James I. Porter), “The Troubling Play of Gender: The Phaedra Dramas of Tsvetaeva, Yourcenar, and H.D.”


Member of Doctoral Dissertation Committee:

Aran Ruth, Ph.D. in English Literature (2018),“Aeolian Resonance: Acousmatic Sound and the Nineteenth-Century Imagination”

Joshua Shipper, Ph.D. in Political Science (2017),“Poetry in America: Representing Equality Through Accounts of Poetry in Alexis de Tocqueville, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and John Stuart Mill”

Sarah Hakeem Grewal, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2016), “Urdu Through Its Others: Ghazal, Canonization, and Translation”

Cassie Miura, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2016), “The Humor of Skepticism: Therapeutic Laughter from Montaigne to Milton”

Elizabeth McAdams, Ph.D. in English Literature (2015), “Turning Japanese: Japonisme in Victorian Literature and Culture”

David Lucas, Ph.D in English Literature (2014) “The Self in the Song: Identity and Authority in Contemporary American Poetry”

Rebecca Ariel Porte, Ph.D. in English Literature (2014), “An Agreement with Reality: The Poetry of Logical Modernism”

Spencer Hawkins, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2014), “Foundational Ambiguities: Metaphor, Translation, and Intertextuality in Hans Blumbenberg’s Metaphorology”

Evelyn Adkins, Ph.D. in Classical Studies (2014), “Rudi Locutor: Speech and Self-Fashioning in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses”

Patrick Tonks, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2013), “Cannibal Routes: Mapping the Atlantic as a Network of Appropriations”

Jonathan Rowland, Ph.D. in Classical Studies (2012), “Footnotes to Sappho: An Examination of the Female Poets of Greece”

Christa Vogelius, Ph.D. in English Literature (2012), “The Culture of Ekphrasis in America’s Age of Print, 1830-1880”

Sarah Ehlers, Ph.D. in English Literature (2012), “Red or Dead: States of Poetry in Depression America”

Rachel Feder, Ph.D. in English Literature (2012), “The Crisis of Infinity: Mathematics, Philosophy, and Nineteenth-Century Poetry”

Christopher Davis, Ph. D. in Comparative Literature (2011), “Scribes and Singers: Latin Models of Authority and the Compilation of Troubadour Songbooks.”

Toshiaki Komura, Ph.D. in English Literature (2011), “Poetry of Lost Love: A Study of the Modern Anti-Consolatory Elegy”

Gang Liu, Ph.D. in Asian Languages and Cultures (2010), “The Poetics of Miscellaneousness: The Literary Design of Liu YiQing’s Qiantang Yishi and its Song-Yuan Historical Context”

Michael Tondre, Ph.D. in English Literature (2010), “Diffusive Fictions: Theories of Non-Productivity in Victorian Science and Culture”

Nicholas Theisen, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2009), “Re[a]ding and Ignorance: Poetic Constraints in Lyric”

Daniel Stevens, Ph.D. in Music Theory (2008), “Brahms’s Song Collections: Rethinking a Genre”

Ji-Hyae Park, Ph.D. in English Literature (2008), “Revising British Aestheticism: Critics, Audiences, and the Problem of Aesthetic Education”

Mary-Catherine Harrison, Ph.D in English Literature (2008), “Sentimental Realism: Poverty and the Ethics of Empathy, 1832-67”

Jill Lamberton, Ph.D. in English & Education (2007), “Claiming an Education: The Transatlantic Performance and Circulation of Intellectual Identities in College Women’s Writing, 1870-1900”

Renee Silverman, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2007), “The Terrain of Poetry and Cultural Memory in the First Spanish Avant-garde, 1914-1925”

Kate Bosher, Ph.D. in Classical Studies (2006), “Theater of the Periphery: The Social and Political History of Early Theater in Sicily”

Julia Carlson, Ph.D. in English Literature (2006), “Romantic Emphasis: Wordsworth’s Poetry and the Marks of Culture, 1750-1850”

Charise Hastings, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2005), “The Performer’s Role: Storytelling in Ballades of Chopin and Brahms”

Kristopher Fletcher, Ph.D. in Classical Studies (2005), “Ovid, Mythography, and the Translation of Myth”

Jessica Forbes Roberts, Ph.D. in English Literature (2005), “Genealogies of Convention: Reading the Poetry of Sarah Piatt and Herman Melville in the Nineteenth-Century American Culture of Anthologies”

Emily Harrington, Ph.D. in English Literature (2004), “Lyric Intimacy: Forms of Intersubjectivity in British Women Poets, 1860-1900”

Belinda Kong, Ph.D. in English Literature (2004), “Afterlife and Adjacent Life:Species of Displaced Being and the Cultural Politics of Translation”

Sean Cotter, Ph. D. in Comparative Literature (2004), “Living Through Translation: Lucian Blaga, T. S. Eliot, and the Cultural Politics of Translation in Modernism”

Amanda Watson, Ph.D. in English Literature (2003), “The Poetics of Memory in Early Modern England”

Jean Borger, Ph.D. in English Literature (2003), “‘The Artist was a Woman’: Image, Text, and Gender in the Work of Anna Jameson, George Eliot, and Michael Field”

Heather Holleman Brown, Ph.D. in English Literature (2002), “Romantic Transformations of Shame in the Poetry of William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Elizabeth Barrett Browning”

Pei-jing Li, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (2001), “The Politics and Poetics of Wo/Man/ufacture: Male Representations of Woman in Chinese Han Fu and Roman Love Elegy.”

John Given, Ph.D. in Classical Studies (2001), “Intellectual Poets in Theory and On Stage: Euripides, Aristophanes, Protagoras”

Lee Behlman, Ph.D. in English Literature (2000), “Faithful unto Death: The Postures of Victorian Stoicism”

K.O. Chong-Gossard, Ph.D. in Classical Studies (1999), “The Gendering of Silence in Euripidean Tragedy”

Kristina Milnor, Ph.D. in Classical Studies (1998), “Women, Place, and Public Life in the Age of Augustus”

Michelle Wright, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (1997), “Missing Persons: The Search for the Postcolonial Subject in the African Atlantic”

Cecilia Infante, Ph.D. in English Literature (1995), “Male Appropriation of Sappho and Jane Shore in England, 1513-1624”


External Member of Doctoral Dissertation Committee:

Julian Lee Pegram, D. M.A. in Music Composition (UM School of Music, 2018)

Paul Dooley, D. M.A. in Music Composition (UM School of Music, 2013)

Tucker Fuller, D.M.A. in Music Composition (UM School of Music, 2009)

Jeremy Reger, D.M.A. in Collaborative Piano Performance (UM School of Music, 2009)

Sally Newman, Ph.D. Women’s Studies (Monash University, Australia, 2007)

“Traces of Desire: Reading the Lesbian Archive”

Nathan Zeisler, D.M.A. in Bassoon Performance (UM School of Music, 2007)

Bethany Minnemeyer, D.M.A. in Violin Performance (UM School of Music, 2006)

Roshanne Etezady, D.M.A. in Music Composition (UM School of Music, 2005)

Rodney Grisanti, D.M.A. in Music Composition (UM School of Music, 2005)

Jason Rudy, Ph.D. in English Literature (Rutgers University, 2004), “Forms of Passion: Victorian Poetry at the Boundaries of Sensibility”

Sharon Bickle, Ph.D. English Literature (Monash University, Australia, 2004), “A Fellowship: The Letters of Michael Field.”

Rachel Andrews, D.M.A. in Vocal Performance (UM School of Music, 2004)

Lynn Kompass, D.M.A. in Piano and Ensemble Performance (UM School of Music, 2002)