Law Review Articles

Yunsieg P. Kim, Conflict of Laws for the Age of Cybertorts: A Game-Theoretic Study of Corporate Profiteering from Choice of Law Loopholes and Interstate Torts (forthcoming, BYU Law Review (2020); SSRN page)

Yunsieg P. Kim & Jowei Chen, Gerrymandered by Definition: The Distortion of “Traditional” Districting Principles and a Proposal for an Empirical Redefinition (forthcoming; SSRN page, full dataset, summary statistics dataset)

Lea Brilmayer & Yunsieg P. Kim, Model or Muddle? Quantitative Modeling and the Façade of “Modernization” in Law, 56 Washburn Law Journal 1 (2017) (PDF)

Book Chapter

Nicholas A. Valentino & Yunsieg P. Kim, The Political Dynamics of Immigration Opinion Worldwide, in Cambridge Handbook of Political Psychology __ (Danny Osborne & Chris G. Sibley eds.) (forthcoming)