Course assignments

Comparative Politics & Political Economy

Mark Tessler. University of Michigan. “Connecting Regional Studies and Disciplinary Political Science.” [G]

Deborah Yashah. Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy. “Comparative Political Economy of Development.” | link

Atul Kohli. Princeton University. “Comparative Political Economy of Development.”

Erin Chung. Johns Hopkins University. “Theories of Comparative Politics.” [G]

Nicolas Jabko. Johns Hopkins University. “Introduction to Comparative Politics” [UG]

Fernando Arteaga. George Mason University. “Economics of Developing Areas.” [UG]

Vadim Grishin. Georgetown University. “The Economics and Politics of Transition.” | link

Markus Pauli. Yale-NUS (Singapore). “International Political Economy.” | link

International development 

Salo Coslovsky. NYU Wagner School of Public Policy. “Comparative Capitalism: Challenges and Opportunities in National Development.” [G]

Salo Coslovsky. NYU Wagner. “Institutions, Governance & International Development.”

Jelke Boesten. King’s College London. “Development Theory & Emerging Economies.” | link

Danny Quah. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (Singapore). “International Economic Development.”

Chinese/Asian politics & political economy

Scott Kastner & Margaret Pearson. University of Maryland. PhD Seminar on “Chinese Politics & Foreign Policy.” | link

Susan Whiting. University of Washington. PhD Seminar on “The Chinese Political System.” | link

Marc Blecher. Oberlin College. “Transition to Capitalist Society in China.” | link

Ling Chen. Johns Hopkins SAIS. “China’s Political Economy in Transition.”

Ann Lin. University of Michigan, Ford School of Public Policy. “Introduction to Chinese Policy.”

Dorothy Solinger. University of California, Irvine. “Politics in China–Major Political Events.”

Cheng Chen. SUNY-Albany. “Government & Politics of China.” | link

Hiroki Takeuchi. Southern Methodist University. “Political Economy of East Asia.”

Daniel Pinkston. Troy University. “East Asian Political Economy.” | link