I have written op-eds and blogs for Foreign Affairs, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Project Syndicate, The Conversation, World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, OECD, Brookings, Straits Times, South China Morning Post, among others. Below is a selection of my recent commentaries.

China & global politics

2018. “Autocracy with Chinese Characteristics: Beijing’s Behind-the-Scenes Reforms,” Foreign Affairs, May/June issue (on Is Democracy Dying?) | PDF | Link

2018 中国改革开放40年 | 中国经验给世界带来什么启示. 《澎湃》 October 12.

2018. “China’s Belt-and-Road is a Campaign, Not a Conspiracy,” Bloomberg, Sep 28.

2018. “The Real China Model: It’s Not What You Think It Is.” Foreign Affairs. June 29 | pdf | Link

2018. Invited response to “Will China’s New Debt Diplomacy Strategy Reshape the World?” The International Economy. Winter 2018. | pdf

2018. “2018: Critical moment for China to tell its story well.” Straits Times. (Reprinted in US-China Focus) | Link

2018. “Interprovince investment revives China’s growth rate,” The Wall Street Journal Link | Pdf







2017. “Why China Can’t Fix Its Environment Simply by Adjusting Targets,” PAR Blog Symposium on Climate Change & Public Administration | Link

2016. “With its corruption crackdown, China is also stamping out innovation.” The Conversation | Link

On development and complexity

2018. “Three Fallacies of Embracing Complexity,” UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Transformation Series. | Link

2017. “Which comes first in development: good governance or economic growth? (Spoiler: it’s neither).” World Bank Governance Blog | Link

2018. “Normatively Weak Institutions can be Functionally Strong: A Surprising Lesson from China.” OECD Development Matters Blog. | Link

2016. “Ending poverty: What should we learn and not learn from China,” Brookings Development Blog | Link