I’ve written op-eds and blogs for The International Herald Tribune, Project Syndicate, Wall Street Journal, Devex, The Conversation, Brookings Development Blog, World Bank Governance Blog, China Policy Institute, Straits Times, South China Morning Post, Ideas for Development, Public Administration Review. Below is a selection of my recent commentaries.

“Which comes first in development: good governance or economic growth? (Spoiler: it’s neither).” Nov 2, 2017. World Bank Governance Blog | Link

“Harnessing Weak Institutions to Build Markets,” Devex, August 24, 2017 | Link
(Reprinted as guest post at Global Integrity, with commentary by Alan Hudson)

“Why China Can’t Fix Its Environment Simply by Adjusting Targets,” Public Administration Review, Blog Symposium on “Climate Change & Public Administration.” July 21, 2017 | Link
(Reprinted in Frontera News, Straits Times)

“Interprovince investment revives China’s growth rate,” Wall Street Journal, July 18, 2017 | Link | Pdf

“Directed Improvisation: The China model that other countries can learn from.” China Policy Institute. June 15, 2017 | Link

“Ending poverty: What should we learn and not learn from China,” Brookings Development Blog, November 7, 2016. | Link
(Reprinted in China Policy Institute)

“With its corruption crackdown, China is also stamping out innovation.” The Conversation. November 6, 2016 | Link
(Reprinted in Harvard Economics Review)