A frequently invited speaker, Ang has presented her research and ideas at over 100 academic, global development, public policy, and corporate venues around the world. Below is a selection.


United Nations—Cambodia: Keynote lecture, “The Real China Model: What Should Other Developing Countries Learn from China?”
* Event videos posted on UNDP website; press coverage in Khmer Times

Pauline Temesis (Resident Coordinator, UN Cambodia), H.E. Dr. Mey Kalyan (Senior Advisor to Supreme National Economic Council) & Mr. Haoliang Xu (UNDP Regional Director for Asia-Pacific and Assistant Secretary-General)

CIKD (Center for International Knowledge of Development, China) & DFID (U.K. Department of International Development): Keynote Address, Joint Seminar on China’s Development & Poverty Reduction, Beijing, November 21, 2017.

University of Manchester: Global Development Institute, Adrian Leftwich Memorial Lecture, October 31, 2018.

Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Singapore: Senior Visiting Fellow Lecture, “Autocracy with Democratic Characteristics: How the West Misread China,” October 2018.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP)—Istanbul: Keynote Address, Istanbul Development Dialogue, April 4, 2018.

Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore: Corporate Associates Talk, “The Role of Relations in US-China Relations,” May 29, 2017.


Camden Conference. Annual Foreign Policy Conference, “Will this be China’s century?”, Feb 22-24, 2019.

Centre for International Knowledge on Development (CIKD) & DRC at State Council, China (background here). November 2017.

  • Book talk with DRC (Development Research Council) & CIKD at State Council
  • Seminar on comparative historical research at CIKD
  • Event summary (Eng) (中文)
  • Book report on State Council-DRC website (Eng) (中文)

UNDP (New York). United Nations Development Program, Innovation Conversations. “Three Fallacies of Embracing Complexity. March 28, 2018. | Link

United Nations (New York). UN Expert Group Meeting on Strategies for Eradicating Poverty to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals, New York, May 8-11, 2017.

World Bank (Washington DC). Conference on Innovating Bureaucracy, “The Political Economy of Bureaucratic Reforms,” November 8-9, 2017 | link
* Read my presentation in essay form at Foreign Affairs

World Bank (Washington DC). Book Seminar for How China Escaped the Poverty Trap. Discussants: Yongmei Zhou (World Bank) & Nancy Birdsall (Center for Global Development). December 16, 2016.
*Read Yongmei Zhou’s book review at the World Bank Development Blog
*Read my blog on “Which comes first: good governance or economic growth?”

World Bank (Malaysia). Conference on “Enhancing the Quality of Service Delivery” (organized by Michael Woolcock), January 2017.

DFID (UK Department of International Development). “Bureaucratic Reforms as Political Reforms: The Case of China.” London, Feb 12, 2018.

OECD Development Center. Dev Talks Series, “Which Comes First in Development: Good Governance or Economic Growth?” Paris, Feb 7, 2018
* Read my blog at OECD Development Matters

Harvard Kennedy School. MPAID (Masters in Public Administration-International Development) Speaker Series, 2017 + 2018.
* Read a review of my presentation & book by Lant Pritchett.

London School of Economics. Lecture series on “Cutting Edge Issues in Development Thinking & Practice,” November 2018.
* Read audience’s responses at this LSE blog.

Global Integrity. Book Talk @ Open Gov Hub, Washington DC. September 14, 2017 | See pre-event blog & post-event recap

With Alan Hudson (Global Integrity) & Edouard Al-Dahdah (World Bank)

Overseas Development Institute, UK. Panel on “Transformative Ideas in Economics,” with Kunal Sen (UN-WIDER), Rachel Glennerster (DFID), Dirk Willem te Velde (ODI) & Tim Kelsall (ODI), Feb 9, 2018. | Link

Photo credit: Helen Dempster, ODI

Institute of Development Studies, UK. Complexity & Development Seminar Series, “Complexity & Development 2.0: From Agreeing We Should Adapt to Creating the Conditions that Enable Adaptation, Feb 13, 2018. | link

Brookings Institution & Global Development Network. Round-table on Institutional Change in the Aid Sector, June 20, 2016

Brookings, June 2016

With Alina Zyszkowski (GDN), Pierre Jacquet (GDN), and Homi Kharas (Brookings) @ Brookings


Princeton University. Institute for International & Regional Studies, “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Complex Systems: The Promise and Limits of Metaphor,” 2018.

University of Chicago. East Asia Workshop on Politics, Society & Economy. 2018.

University of Manchester. Global Development Institute, Masterclass on research design to PhD students, November 1, 2018.

Notre Dame University. Kellogg Institute Lecture Series, March 6, 2018

Harvard University. Department of Government & Weatherhead Center for International Studies, Comparative Politics Speaker Series, September 15, 2016.

University of Arizona, Tucson. 2nd Annual Southwest Workshop on Mixed-Methods Research. October 20-21, 2016.

Brown University. Department of Sociology & Watson Institute, Workshop on Going Beyond Governance, March 18-19, 2016

Princeton University. Princeton Network on State-Building in the Developing World, Workshop in Oxford (2014), Brazil (2012), India (2011).