Undergraduate Seniors Present Honors Theses in Virtual Poster Session

Four undergraduate seniors in the Zahodne lab presented their honors theses in a virtual poster session organized by the Psychology department the week of April 20-24. In addition to reflecting the collaborative efforts of the undergraduates, graduate and postdoctoral mentors, and lab director, these posters also disseminated some of the very first results from the Michigan Cognitive Aging Project (MCAP)! Click the project titles below to view posters:

Shreya Chandra (graduate mentor, Afsara Zaheed): Sleep Quality and Executive Function in Diverse Older Adults

Nicole Fraija (graduate mentor, Emily Morris): The Relationship Between Subjective Age and Three Measures of Episodic Memory

Abbey Hamlin (graduate mentor, Zarina Kraal): Social Engagement and Episodic Memory in Black and White Older Adults

Brooke Huizenga (postdoctoral mentor, Neika Sharifian): Main Lifetime Occupational Demands, Late Life Cognitive Functioning, and the Moderating Role of Gender