Now Hiring Lab Manager

Job Summary

The laboratory of Dr. Laura Zahodne in the Department of Psychology seeks to hire a full-time Research Technician Associate. The lab uses the methods of clinical neuropsychology, neuroimaging, and epidemiology to examine psychosocial influences on cognitive and brain aging in diverse older adults. Primary research questions include: How can psychosocial experiences buffer against the cognitive impact of brain pathology in older adults? What psychological and social mechanisms underlie racial/ethnic disparities in Alzheimer’s disease?

This would be an excellent position for a recent graduate seeking to gain additional research experience prior to graduate school. There will be training in multiple methods, including neuropsychological testing, clinical interviewing, magnetic resonance imaging, phlebotomy, and secondary data analysis. Opportunities for co-authorship on presentations and publications are available for highly motivated candidates. The successful candidate will be reliable, conscientious, organized, and able to work with minimal supervision. (S)he will also possess excellent interpersonal and leadership skills, show rapid learning, and demonstrate cultural competence and the desire to work with racially, ethnically, socioeconomically diverse older adults with and without cognitive impairment in the community.

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Zahodne Lab Goes to New York for INS 2019

Dr. Ketlyne Sol, Dr. Neika Sharifian, Zarina Kraal, Afsara Zaheed and Hannah Apostolou presented their research posters in New York City at the International Neuropsychological Society Conference with Dr. Laura Zahodne.

Afsara Zaheed Publication

Afsara published her first paper investigating the influence of neighborhood factors on late-life cognition!

Find her paper, Unique Effects of Perceived Neighborhood Physical Disorder and Social Cohesion on Episodic Memory and Semantic Fluency, in the Archives of Clinical Nueropsychology (


Zahodne Lab at GSA 2018

Afsara Zaheed and Dr. Laura Zahodne went to Boston, MA for the Annual meeting of the Gerontological Society of America

Afsara Zaheed presented her study, Effects of Perceived Neighborhood Physical Disorder and Social Cohesion on Episodic Memory and Semantic Fluency

The Lab Goes to INS 2018 in DC

Zahodne Lab attends the 2018 International Neuropscyhological Society conference in Washington D.C.

Dr. Ketlyene Sol, Zarina Kraal, and Dr. Laura Zahodne attended and presented their work

Dr. Ketlyne Sol discussed her study Psychosocial Predictors of Memory Decline in a Diverse Longitudinal Sample of Older Adults

Zarina Kraal presented her study: Religiosity, Religious Attendance, and Cognition among Racially/Ethnically Diverse Older Adults

Penelope Farris presented her work: