Lab Director

Dr. Laura Zahodne

Assistant Professor

I am a clinical neuropsychologist and an alumna of the University of Michigan. I received a PhD in Clinical & Health Psychology from the University of Florida and completed a neuropsychology internship at Brown University. Before joining the faculty at the University of Michigan, I completed postdoctoral training at Columbia University Medical Center. ‚Äč

The overall aim of my research program is to understand how psychosocial experiences influence the brain and cognitive aging among diverse older adults. I have examined several putative risk (e.g., depressive symptoms, psychosis) and protective (e.g., educational attainment, bilingualism) factors in the prediction of dementia risk, incidence and course. My current interests are in the role of positive psychosocial factors (e.g., social support, self-efficacy) in cognitive and brain aging, as well as biopsychosocial mechanisms of dementia inequalities.