Under the Industry Partnership Program (IPP), actuarial students and faculty from The University of Michigan collaborate with an Industry Partner (IP) such as an insurance company, consulting firm, or government body in order to bring academics and practitioners together to work on actuarial problems that are directly relevant to industry.

From the perspective of the students, the IPP is an enhanced internship or “capstone experience” in which they work on-site with the IP on a team-based project under the guidance of their manager(s) from the IP and one or two University of Michigan faculty members.

From the perspective of the IP, the IPP is a student internship project, but with University of Michigan faculty members as collaborators and advisors for the students.

Thanks to the generous support of the Society of Actuaries through a Center for Actuarial Excellence Education Grant, the IPP is able to offer financial and non-financial incentives to all participants: the students, the faculty members, and the industry partner.

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