Software Projects

Over the years our very active programming department (Honey Badger Works) have developed several specialized software packages to aid us in our research. Screenshots and more detailed info is available upon request.

  • MTask, a computer program for controlling and recording mechanical events, such as lights and sounds.
  • DataRat is used to build lists of grooming events synchronized with time. DataRat works with Horita time code readers to record the time for video events.
  • DataTask is a program written for real time, synchronized data recording of neural data. DataTask features clock synchronization capabilities, real-time display of recorded channels, amplitude-triggered channel displays, and binary data fully compatible with Plexon OfflineSorter.
  • Integrator and EpochBuilder are applets for Paradox written in ObjectPAL. Integrator automates the import of sorted neural spike data, control data, and behavioral data into a relational database. EpochBuilder allows researchers to query events of interest and perform various statistical analysis functions. EpochBuilder produces script code for gnuPlot and LaTeX, to allow batch processing output.
  • ICA Processor and Spike Explorer are programs written in LabVIEW to process spike data with wavelet denoising and ICA algorithms.