Ancient Protein and Isotope Laboratory

Ancient Protein and Isotope Laboratory

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Opening Spring 2022

Director: Dr. Alicia R. Ventresca Miller

The University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology (UMMAA) will be opening a new laboratory suite in the Chemistry building this spring (2022).

  • The Ancient Protein Laboratory is a state of the art facility with separate areas for sampling and extraction of proteins. Our facility has the potential to extract proteins from a wide variety of archaeological samples including dental calculus, bone, enamel, as well as residues from ceramics and tools.
  • The Isotope Laboratory is a dedicated space for the analysis of archaeological materials, including enamel, bone, dentin, and plants. This state of the art facility includes areas for collagen extraction, the preparation of organic samples, and a separate drilling room for sub-sampling of archaeological materials. We also have a dedicated location for the extraction of proteins and preparation of sample plates for ZooMS.


  • Ancient Proteins / Paleoproteomics
  • Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes of Tooth Enamel
  • Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes of Bone Collagen
  • ZooMS (Zooarchaeology by Mass Spectrometry)

930 University Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

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