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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 | Michigan League, Hussey Room

Opening Remarks  | 9:30 -10:00

First Session: Rethinking Austerity as Idea and Theory  | 10:00 -11:45

Chair: Omolade Adunbi, University of Michigan

The Birth of Homo Economicus and the Origins of Austerity in Communist Poland
Brian Porter-Szűcs, University of Michigan

Austerity against Structural Adjustment: The 1980s Debt Crisis viewed from the Global South
Johanna Bockman, George Mason University

Deliberate Austerity, Implant Austerity: Making the Case for Austerity with Adjectives
Anne Pitcher, University of Michigan

Second Session: Austerity Over Time  | 13:15-15:00

Chair: Sueann Caulfield, University of Michigan

The Austere Origins of Stalinism
Oscar Sanchez-Sibony, University of Hong Kong

Austerity in Development: Corporatism in Interwar Brazil and Portugal
Melissa Teixeira, University of Pennsylvania

Austerity as Justice? Revisiting the Debate between the Italian Communist Party and the Radical Left over Austerity in the 1970s
Dario Gaggio, University of Michigan

Third Session: Austerity Across Space  | 15:15 -17:00

Chair: Pamela Ballinger, University of Michigan

Austerity Socialism: Debt and Fiscal Discipline in Ceausescu’s Romania
Cristian Capotescu, University of Michigan

Austerity with Chinese Characteristics: China and the World Bank during the 1980s
Federico Pachetti, University of Hong Kong

Institutions, Structures, and the Making of the Austerity Policy Paradigm in Africa
Howard Stein, University of Michigan

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 | Michigan League, Hussey Room

Fourth Session: The Politics of Austerity and Anti-Austerity  | 9:00 -10:45

Chair: Howard Brick, University of Michigan

The Enduring Present of Crisis: Jamaica’s Long Decade(s) of Structural Adjustment
Natalie Reinhart, Columbia University

Populism and the Past: Restoring, Redeeming, and Retaining the Nation in Asia
Iza Ding, University of Pittsburgh & Dan Slater, University of Michigan

The Warsaw Consensus: Political Elites and Austerity in Late Socialist Poland
Lukas Dovern, Stanford University 

Anti-Austerity Measures in the Context of Political Transition in Mozambique, 1975-1990s
Marlino Mubai, Eduardo Mondlane University

Fifth Session: Austerity, Violence, and War  | 11:15 -13:00

Chair: Kate Wroblewski, University of Michigan

Tightening the (Gun)Belt?: Austerity and the Political Economy of National Security
Salem Elzway, University of Michigan 

Economics and Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Obesity in the “Age of Austerity”
Alice Weinreb, Loyola University Chicago 

Austerity: The Withdrawal of Efficiency as Industrial Warfare
Mehmet Dösemici, Bucknell University 

Concluding Discussion | 13:30