Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015)

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“In the middle of catastrophe, in the middle of disaster, people––particularly people who have already suffered––see an opportunity to evolve to another stage of humanity”

– Grace Lee Boggs, L.A. Times Interview

Civil Rights Activist

Grace Lee Boggs was a Chinese American activist. She and her husband became well-known for advocating against issues of labor and civil rights, feminism, Black Power.

Boggs and her husband were pulled into the Civil Rights Movement, participating in many marches and protests in Detroit. Later on, she turned her focus to questioning ethics––or lack of—and individual change. When the Asian American movement started to pick up speed after the 1960s, she also participated in advocating for proper representation and visibility.

Boggs also frequently explored and examined the role of Asian Americans in society and in communities, emphasizing the importance of alliance and solidarity with other minorities to help bring about change.


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