Executive Figures

The election of Vice President Kamala Harris marks the first time an Asian American has been elected to hold office in the executive branch of the United States government. As first in line to the highest office in the country, Harris’s vice presidency is significant to the fastest growing minority population. In 2020, three Asian Americans emerged out of the presidential candidate pool. On the state level, there is currently one Asian American governor. Several Asian Americans have served in the executive branch of the federal government in cabinet positions appointed by the President. Asian/Pacific Islander Americans’ recent participation in seeking executive leadership is promising as more A/PIA leaders can be expected to run for executive office.

January 20, 2021

Kamala Harris

was sworn in as the Vice President of the United States alongside President Biden. Harris is the first female, African American, and Asian American Vice President of the U.S. and the first woman of color to be a on a major party’s presidential ticket.

Vanita Gupta

the current Associate Attorney General serving in the Biden administration. Gupta is the first woman of color and first civil rights attorney to be appointed as Associate Attorney General.

April 22, 2021

Vivek Murthy

the current Surgeon General in the Biden administration and previously served the same position in the Obama administration.

January 25, 2001

Norman Mineta

became the only Democratic Cabinet Secretary in the Bush administration and is first Asian American in a presidential cabinet.

Gary Locke

assumed office as the 21st Governor of Washington. Locke is the first U.S. governor of East Asian descent and the only Chinese American governor in U.S. history.

January 15, 1997
December 2, 1974

George Ariyoshi

assumed office as the 3rd Governor of Hawaii and of the longest serving governors in United States history. Ariyoshi is the first elected non-white governor of Hawaii and the first Asian American governor of any state.

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