Creature Features Questions

Welcome to week 8 of Camp Explorations! This week, we will be learning about all types of living things. Below is a summary of what campers will be dig each day, as well as questions you can ask them when they get home.

On Monday, campers will be learning about animals with hair and fur. Ask campers…

  • Which was the hardest clue in the animal scavenger hunt.
  • How their poem turned out!
  • (If older) What their opinion was on the deer dilemma.
  • Which animal they made out of yarn.
On Tuesday, we will learn about amphibians and reptiles! We will be visited by the Leslie Science and Nature Center with a Cold Blooded Classification Program. Ask campers…
  • Which live animals they saw!
  • How they made an origami frog!
  • If they could jump as far as a frog.
Wednesday will be dedicated to creatures in the water.  We will be visiting a research lab in the Krause Natural Science Building to see the results of fish brain development research. Ask campers…
  • What they learned in Cunming’s lab.
  • Which shark jaw they thought was the scariest.
  • What they learned about at the stream table.
On Thursday, campers will learn about things with wings! Ask them…
  • If their bird beak was effective.
  • How they made it through a massive migration as a bird.
  • What kind of insect they created!
Friday will be focused on the habitats creatures live in, as well as animal classification. Ask campers…
  • Who they made a habitat diorama for.
  • How animals are classified into groups. 
  • What I loved most about camp this week!