Creature Features

Day 1

On Monday, campers started off their week by learning about animals with hair and fur. They first went on a mammal scavenger hunt throughout the museum, searching for the answers to questions like, what are the only two mammals that lay eggs?

We also made furry paintings of our favorite animals out of yarn.


Campers also wrote cinquain and acrostic poems about animals found around the third floor exhibit area.
Older campers took on different roles in a pretend community to decide how to handle an overpopulation of deer there.

Day 2

Tuesday was all about reptiles and amphibians! We were visited by the Leslie Science Center with a live snake, toad, lizard and turtle, and learned all about the differences between reptiles and amphibians.

Campers also made origami hopping frogs!


Day 3

Today, campers learned about underwater creatures. They visited Dr. Cunming Duan’s lab in the Krause Natural Science Building, where they learned about recent research on fish development and even observed fish embryos in the egg!

Back at the museum, campers created mixed media jellyfish art with paint and pastel crayons.


Campers also discussed the many species of shark, then took a closer look at the differences between species’ jaws. 

Day 4

Thursday, campers learned about creatures that fly – from birds to bugs! They first made their own insect by combining combinations of wings, heads and thoraxes. 

Campers also learned about the anatomy of a bird beak, then tried to make their own that could pick up beans, marshmallows, and even pasta!

We also made owl kites that campers can take home and fly!

Outside, campers played a game to simulate bird migrations. Each camper was assigned a different bird and made stops on their migrations to nest, eat, and practice their bird calls.

Day 5

On Friday, campers learned how to classify animals, as well as where they live. Campers classified different animals into their correct groups after discussing those animals and seeing them on the 2nd and 3rd floors. 

Image result for classifying animals

Campers also made habitat dioramas for animals, keeping in mind an animal’s nedd for food, shelter, water and space.

Thanks to our amazing campers for another good week!