Sensational Science Questions

This week is all about different types of science! Campers will be doing experiments about physics, chemistry, engineering and more! Here are some questions to ask.

On Monday we learned about chemistry. Ask me…

  • Did the cold water cause the ping-pong ball to bounce higher or lower?
  • What caused your rocket to launch into the air?
  • How did you make your slime?

On Tuesday we learned about light and sound. Ask me…

  • What noise did the sound hose make?
  • Show me your light up monster mask!

On Wednesday we learned about engineering. Ask me…

  • Which material is best to use to protect your supplies?
  • How does a car’s shape and size make it more efficient?

On Thursday we learned about nanoscience. Ask me…

  • What made the pinwheel move?
  • Show me your stained glass window!

On Friday we learned about energy and motion. Ask me..

  • How high do you have to make the starting point of your roller coaster in order for the marble to “loop-the-loop”? (Above or below the finish point)?