Nature Explorers Questions

Welcome to Nature Explorers Week! We will be exploring outside by looking at animals, leaves, rocks, and trees through binoculars and magnifying glasses for a closer look!

On Monday, we will focus on the animals in your backyard by looking at animal tracks and participating in a scavenger hunt. Ask …

  • What insects did you look at?
  • To see my animal track book!
  • What animals did you find on the scavenger hunt?

Tuesday is Tree day. We will look at its life cycle and how they are living. Ask …

  • To see my tree painting!
  • What is the life cycle of a tree?
  • To see my tree costume!

On Wednesday, we will be going on walk to look at shapes in nature! Ask …

  • To see my sun print!
  • What are some plants or animals you saw in nature that look like shapes?
  • To see my binoculars!

Rocks will be our focus on Thursday! We will be going on a rock and mineral scavenger hunt and creating pet rocks. Ask …

  • What rocks and minerals did you find on the scavenger hunt?
  • What kinds of minerals did you look at with the magnifying glasses?
  • To see my pet rock!

On Friday, we will focus on the different sounds found in nature. Ask …

  • What are some sounds you can hear in nature?
  • What did you hear on the listening walk?
  • To see my rain stick!