Chemical Chaos Questions

Welcome to Chemical Chaos! This week, campers will be transformed into chemists through experiments, demonstrations and more! Below is a summary of each day of camp, as well as questions you can ask your camper at the end of each day.

On Monday, campers will learn about the basics of chemistry. Ask them…

  • What an atom and isotope are.
  • If I won Periodic Table Battleship!
  • What happened during the bubbling density concoction demonstration?
On Tuesday, we will learn all about acids and bases. Ask campers…
  • What was your favorite part of the planetarium show?
  • What household items are bases and acids?
Wednesday, campers will be learning about polymers. Ask them…
  • How did you make slime?
  • What is a polymer?
Thursday will be devoted to chemical and physical reactions, and their differences. Ask campers…
  • To see their baking soda and vinegar boats!
  • What happened when you put the yeast into the pop bottle?
  • What is the difference between a chemical and physical reaction?
On Friday, campers will be experimenting food chemistry. Ask them…
  • How did they make the milk into a solid?
  • How high did the mentos geyser go?
  • What they loved most about camp this week.