Nature’s Toolbox Questions

Hello camp families! Welcome to another week of camp. This week campers will be learning about plants, animals, the environment and how humans interact with and affect these things in both positive and negative aspects.


Monday’s theme is general. We will be talking about nature and how interconnected things are.


What is a species? 

What is biodiversity?

Why is biodiversity so important?



Tuesday’s theme is plants. Some things we will do today will be learning about the importance of native plants and how to identify leaves.


What are some benefits of native plants?

What are some threats to native plants? 

How did we identify the leaves in the leaf kit (what tool did we use)? 



Wednesday’s theme is animals. Today we will learn about the different biomes animals live in and go over food chains.


What does a food chain show us?

What is a producer, can you give an example of one? 

What is a biome?



Thursday we will be going to the Arboretum.


What kind of animals and plants did you see at the Arb?



Friday’s theme we will talk about factors that affect the environment.


What is an abiotic factor?

What is a biotic factor?

What is a type of greenhouse gas?

What type of human activities enhance the greenhouse effect?

What are the four aquatic ecosystems we talked about?