“Ology” Camp

This week campers have been exploring all different kinds of ology sciences! Each day has been different and exciting!

We started “Ology” camp with Zoology. Campers began with discussing their first impressions of animals. We found out that campers were divided about pigeons but they all loved turtles!








After, campers walked to the Diag to play some fun animal games outside! The campers played Quick Frozen Critters which is similar to freeze tag. Some campers were predators and had to tag the other campers that were prey! They also played Avian Antics where they had to act like different birds such as eagles, penguins and flamingos!








Back at the museum campers learned the difference between horns and antlers. They had a chance to look up close to some real examples of animal horn and antlers!








To finish the day, campers put together birds from various pieces and then drew what kind of environment their bird would live in!










On Tuesday, campers spent the morning learning about geology! They started with learning about the three different types of rocks, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Campers learned how each type of rock is formed and then looked at some examples of each type!








After campers went on a rock & mineral scavenger hunt through our Dynamic Planet exhibit and Mineral display! Their new knowledge of rocks helped them figure out the answers!








In the Community Room campers made their own sand art! I’m not sure if the counselors had as much fun cleaning up the project as the campers did doing the project!








Campers finished the day by making some earth hats!









Wednesday was all about entomology! Campers learned about insects and got to look at some insect specimens up close!








In the Community Room, they used this knowledge to make their own bugs! The campers got really creative with their designs.








While outside at snack, campers tried catching bugs! All bugs were safely released before the campers came back in.








The older campers tried their luck with some butterfly origami while the younger campers enjoyed a life cycle of a butterfly demonstration complete with costumes!
















On Thursday campers spent the day learning about Marine Biology! They started the day by going to the planetarium to see Expedition Reef. After campers took turns going to visit a fish lab on the 3rd floor of the BSB.








While at snack campers talked about symbiosis and did an activity where they found pairs of aquatic life that have symbiotic relationships. Inside, campers learned about what kind of sea life lives in reefs and then made their own reef buddy wheel.

The orange group also had the opportunity to participate in an ocean acidification lab!








On our very last day of camp for the summer, campers spent the day enjoying paleontology activities! Campers started the day by making their own stegosaurus hats!













Campers spent some time in the evolution gallery and enjoyed learning more about Quetzalcoatlus from docent Austin!













In the Community Room campers learned about different types of fossils and practiced sorting them. They then searched for fossils in our dig box!







Campers had a great time with their counselors this week and all of us at camp enjoyed spending the week with your campers!










Can’t wait for next summer!