Charity Hoffman is a joint doctoral student in Social Work & Sociology. Her research focuses on how structural constraints shape individual experiences. She has interviewed over 150 people about marriage, singleness, dating, sex and parenthood. She has taught or assisted in courses in Sociology and Social Work, including Introduction to Sociology, Research Methods, Intergroup Dialogue, and a service learning course called Project Community.

As a social worker, Charity is interested in working with individuals and families as they confront pressing challenges, whether that is the transition to first time parenthood, the transition out of foster care, or the transition to college as a first-generation student. She has worked with homeless youth, middle school, high school and college students, as well as single mothers and first-time parents in New York City, Florida, Michigan and Haiti.

Research Interests:

 Qualitative Methods; Marriage, Family, Parenting, Sexuality; Gender, Race, Class;

Engaged Pedagogy; Intergroup Dialogue; Photography as a Tool for Social Justice

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