Intervention and Training Program Materials

handsThe training program consists of 3 manuals, a 6-session training on DVD and workbooks for the children’s programs. Additional, in person training is available by arrangement.

1] The 6-session DVD includes presentations on how domestic violence affects women and children, with a focus on traumatic stress, setting up the program and program requirements, a detailed description with examples of every session of both the children’s programs and the mothers’ program, including materials needed, an outline of sessions and plenty of examples. Ethical issues in working with women and children are covered as well as how the program was evaluated and the evidence to show that the programs are effective. This DVD training can be shown to all those at each site who will be conducting or supervising the programs.

2] Training manuals. There are three training manuals that provide step-by step instruction and give examples of each session of the program including a list of materials needed, an outline of the session, session goals and example process notes of the activities and experiences of several groups. One training manual is for older children (6 and up), one is for children 4-6 years old and the third is the training manual for the Moms’ Empowerment Program. These manuals are also available in Swedish.

3] There are workbooks for the children’s programs – one for preschoolers and one for school-age children.  These are used during the program to assure that the sessions cover the appropriate material and reflect what is in the training manual. Spanish versions of the workbooks are also available, as is a version for use with groups of siblings.  The Sibs’ Club Program is separate for the Kids’ Club Program in that it was designed to assist large groups of siblings in the same family – something that was developed with rural farm families in Iowa who did not live hear enough to a center or shelter to participate in group programs.

For further information on the Kids Club, the Preschool Kids Club and the Moms’ Empowerment Programs, please contact Dr. Sandra Graham-Bermann at