The DISC initiative utilizes the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) CourseShare program and videoconferencing technology to increase student access to Islamic studies courses and aggregate faculty expertise from across the BTAA institutions. DISC courses are composed of a host campus, where the course is physically taught, and up to three receiving campuses, where the course is shared synchronously via videoconferencing technology. DISC courses also offer the opportunity to meet faculty during campus visits and interact with students at other BTAA universities through virtual collaboration.

Our current course roster can be found below. Upcoming courses can be viewed by clicking on upcoming courses link at the bottom of the page. BTAA students interested in registering for a DISC course should contact their institutions’ faculty liaison or the DISC administration at for additional course and registration information.

Winter/Spring 2021

Exploring the Quran

Host: University of Minnesota | Receiving: Pennsylvania State University




Political Islam, Present and Past

Host: Rutgers University | Receiving: Pennsylvania State University





The History of Islam in South Asia

Host: University of Michigan | Receiving: Michigan State University and Rutgers University