Recent journal publications by U-M Earth and Environmental Sciences Student Authors:

Kim, S., M.C. Marcano, and U. Becker (2019). Mechanistic Study of Wettability Changes on Calcite by Molecules Containing a Polar Hydroxyl Functional Group and Nonpolar Benzene Rings. Langmuir, v. 35(7), pp. 2527-2537

Trusiak, A., L.A. Treibergs, G.W. Kling, and R.M. Cory (2019). The Controls of Iron and Oxygen on Hydroxyl Radical (•OH) Production in Soils. Soil Systems, v. 3(1)

La Cruz, N.L., A.C. Simon, A.S. Wolf, M. Reich, F. Barra, and J.E. Gagnon (2019). The geochemistry of apatite from the Los Colorados iron oxide–apatite deposit, Chile: implications for ore genesis. Mineralium Deposita, pp. 1-14

Ramos, M.D. and Y. Huang (2019). How the Transition Region Along the Cascadia Megathrust Influences Coseismic Behavior: Insights From 2‐D Dynamic Rupture Simulations. Geophysical Research Letters , v. 46, pp. 1-11