Recent journal publications by U-M Earth and Environmental Sciences Student Authors:

Niu, Y., M.C. Castro, C.M. Hall, S.B. Gingerich, M.A. Scholl, and R.B. Warrier (2017). Noble gas signatures in the Island of Maui, Hawaii: Characterizing groundwater sources in fractured systems. Water Resources Research, v. 53

Nedrich, S.M. and G.A. Burton (2017). Indirect Effects of Climate Change on Zinc Cycling in Sediments: The Role of Changing Water Levels. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, v. 9999, pp. 1-9

Konecke, B.A., A. Fiege, A.C. Simon, F. Parat, and A. Stechern (2017). Co-variability of S6+, S4+, and S2- in apatite as a function of oxidation state: Implications for a new oxybarometer. American Mineralogist, v. 102, pp. 548-557

Niu, Y., M.C. Castro, C.M. Hall, S.M. Aciego, and C.A. Arendt (2017). Characterizing glacial meltwater sources in the Athabasca Glacier, Canada, using noble gases as tracers. Applied Geochemistry, v. 76, pp. 136-147