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News and notes from your librarian: the “new digital collection!” edition

Hi all! It’s been a little while since my last posting, but I hope to make this a regular thing again in the coming months. To celebrate my return with a bang, it’s my pleasure to unveil the results of […]

two people standing in water collecting data

Pre-college Ocean Discovery and Science Program (PODS) in The Bahamas

By Katrina Munsterman Earlier this month, I led a 4-day field course for Bahamian high school students to learn how to ask scientific questions, design an experiment, collect field data, and analyze and present their findings. The course was held […]

Weathering the storm

By Katrina Munsterman I am thrilled to finally get started on a social-ecological study aimed to documentways in which people involved in fisheries in The Bahamas respond to multiple shocks,namely a category 5 hurricane and the Covid-19 pandemic. Hurricane Dorian, […]

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