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Vampire hoards

From Bug News by Erika Tucker, Assistant Research Scientist and Collection Manager of Insects, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Have you been inundated with hoards and hoards of flying, bloodsucking, tiny demons this summer? Yeah, me too 🙁 In […]

Learning from history

by Lynn Carpenter, lecturer and advisor for the University of Michigan Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology When I was young, my father was a history teacher. I will admit, I did NOT share his love of history back in […]

Undersea scape from Katrina's stop motion film

The future is science communication

by Katrina Munsterman, Ph.D. student in the Coastal Ecology and Conservation Lab in EEB I always wanted to be an actress, faking illness in dramatic attempts to trade the classroom decorated with construction paper flowers for a day spent counting […]

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