Past Theses & Dissertations – Food and Addiction Science & Treatment Lab

Past Theses & Dissertations

Dissertation Defenses

Michelle Joyner (2019)  Examining Behavioral Phenotypes of Overeating and Obesity: Environmental, Psychological, and Neurobiological Influences on Food Motivation and Palatable Food Consumption

Erica Schulte (2018)  Food Characteristics Implicated in Biobehavioral Indicators of Addiction in Vulnerable Individuals

Master’s Theses

Lindzey Hoover – “Co-occurrence of food addiction, obesity, problematic substance use, and parental history of problematic alcohol use” (First Reader: Ashley Gearhardt, PhD; Second Reader: Leah Richmond-Rakerd, PhD) 2022. 

Lindsey Parnarouskis – “Development of the Highly Processed Food Withdrawal Scale for Children” (First Reader: Ashley Gearhardt, PhD; Second Reader: Nestor Lopez-Duran, PhD) 2020

Emma Schiestl – “The preliminary validation of the yale food addiction scale for children 2.0: a dimensional approach to scoring” (First Reader: Sandra Graham-Bermann, PhD) 2018

Blaire Crockett – “The Impact of Temporal Focus in Food Advertising on Delay Discounting and Consumption” (First Reader: Ashley Gearhardt, PhD; Second Reader: Josh Ackerman, PhD) 2017

Jillian Bean – “Effectiveness of different obesity prevention messages” (First Reader: Ashley Gearhardt, PhD; Second Reader: Alison Earl, PhD) 2016

Sally Kim – “Food for thought: Current and delayed affective expectancies toward food consumption and associated attitudes” (First Reader: Ashley Gearhardt, PhD; Second Reader: Donna Nagata, PhD) 2016

Michelle Joyner – “Food craving as a mediator between addictive-like eating and problematic eating outcomes” (First Reader: Ashley Gearhardt, PhD; Second Reader: Sandra Graham-Bermann, PhD) 2015

Erica Schulte – “Which foods may be addictive? The roles of processing, fat, and glycemic load” (First Reader: Ashley Gearhardt, PhD; Second Reader: Kendrin Sonneville, PhD) 2015

Undergraduate Theses

Lucy Loch – Association of current and early life stressors with maladaptive eating behaviors: An investigation of Life Course Theory (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Emma Schiestl) 2021

Hayley Yu – “Trauma: a Risk Factor for Food Addiction?” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Lindzey Hoover) 2021

Riley J. Jouppi – “The Great Food vs. Eating Addiction Debate: Effects on Obesity Stigma and Policy Support” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Lindsey Parnarouskis) 2020

Lily R. Carlson – “Association of Child Eating Style and Eating in the Absence of Hunger Amongst Low-Income Children” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Julia Rios) 2019

Jessica Zhao – “The Influence of Real-Time Emotion and Baseline Negative Urgency on Daily Food Consumption” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt, Emma Schiestl, Jenna Cummings, Stuart Ferguson) 2019

Adam Kern – “The effect of watching food-related television on eating behaviors and cravings” (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt) 2014

Rebekah Richmond – “Parenting style and parental self-efficacy in the treatment of anorexia nervosa” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Renee Hoste) 2014

Hannah Tuttle – “Applying the addiction label to food: Legal and policy implications” (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt) 2014

Sarah Polk – “The effects of restraint and gender on frequency of consumption of high-glycemic load and high-fat foods” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Erica Schulte) 2015

Alex Wilt – “Addictive-like eating mediates the association between eating motivations and elevated body mass index” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Michelle Joyner) 2015

Sally Kim – “Athlete endorsed food product commercials’ influence on implicit attitudes” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Alison Earl) 2015

Jake Rainey – “Food addiction among sexual minorities” (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt) 2016

Alison Grenon – “A comparative analysis of body mass index and bioelectrical impedance analysis measurements in a teenage population considering gender, pubertal status and athletic participation” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Erica Schulte) 2017

Rachel Korn – “The influence of impulsivity on food ordering behavior and caloric consumption” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Celina Furman) 2017

Alyssa Marquette – “The role of the built environment on adolescent BMI” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Michelle Joyner) 2017

Priya Sorab – “Gender differences in the relationships between depression, BMI, and cortisol among adolescents” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt, Nestor Lopez-Duran, & Valerie Foster) 2017

Emma Sutherland – “Investigating the association between screen time and adolescent adiposity” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Sarah Domoff) 2017

Caroline Bartholomew – “Parental restrictive feeding behaviors and adolescent food-related self-regulation.” (Mentors: Ashley Gearhardt & Megan Pesch) 2017

Jocelyn B.Schwartz – “The Influence of Positive Affect on Food Consumption: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Analysis” (Mentor: Emma Schiestl) 2018

Grecia Quiroga – “Testing Associations Between Sign and Goal-Tracking and Risk Factors for Obesity in Children” (Mentor: Michelle Joyner)

Ruby G. Siada – ABC Brains: Linking Early Childhood Experience to Neural Activity and Obesity (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

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