20 Thoughts When Visiting Shani Peters’ The Crown

  1. Ohh, this is Gallery DAAS?
  2. Check out the red curtains! I feel like I’m on stage.
  3. These photographs are amazing. Some of these crowns look familiar, but others I’ve never seen before. I wonder what that’s about.
  4. Found a text panel! Let’s see what this all means.
  5. The title comes from a Gary Byrd song. Must look that up immediately.pair
  6. This song is super catchy. Never getting that out of my head.
  7. Self-determination for minority students?
  8. Ohhh, like crowning yourself. Clever! Except challenging what identities we use to crown ourselves… and especially how pursuing a college degree affects minority students. (Pondering)
  9. I should go back to the photographs now that I have a clue what this is about.
  10. I wish I could have taken my school yearbook photos like this—no facial details, just my silhouette and a shiny crown. There would have been no stressing about what I looked like!
  11. Okay now I can go over to the curtain part of this exhibit.
  12. Hey, another text panel!
  13. Woah this woman has exhibited in a lot of places. She showed stuff in Zimbabwe? She was featured in the New York Times? Am I looking at the work of the next Big Name in art?

— Lauren Plawecki