Geophilosophies is a forum devoted to radically pluralizing ‘philosophy’ beyond its hegemonic Anglo-Europhone idioms and its narrowly academic institutional frame. Alongside the World Philosophies project, it seeks to decolonize and pluralize philosophizing but seeks to engage directly with the political contexts and interpersonal dimensions of the search for wisdom. To this end, it engages with past and present practices of epistemic injustices that emanate from the academy and engages with the flows of cross-cultural ideas between different traditions and contexts. 

Recognizing that there is a significant and growing body of scholars, researchers and students who are fully engaged with philosophical reflection but whose academic and institutional base is located outside philosophy, the geophilosophies project is deeply committed to the movement of cross-cultural thought and engagement between different traditions and currents of philosophical thought with an emphasis on local and marginalized traditions of thought. The remit of the project also includes critical engagement and reflections on the mythic framework of models of modernity and progress that emerged as dominant civilizational narratives in the colonial industrial complex of the last two centuries and reflections on philosophy in the light of the anthropocene.

Geophilosophies is intended as an experimental space for rethinking philosophy as it relates to diverse life-worlds, experiences and motivations. Emphasizing the local, it invites participants from across the disciplines including (but by no means limited to) Area Studies, Religious Studies, Anthropology, Consciousness Studies, Psychology, Spirituality, Sociology, Comparative Literature, the Visual and Sonic Arts, Environmental sciences, Philosophy and other disciplines to experiment with conceptual and non-conceptual tools to develop new perspectives on marginalized traditions of thought. Our forum provides resources, solidarities, institutional and non-institutional homes for empowering those who challenge hegemonic Eurocentric, imperialist philosophical idiom(s).

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