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Green life forms – plants, algae, and microbes – are integral components of the earth biosystem, and they are essential to human existence. From the dawn of our civilization, they have been subjects of human intellectual inquiry for practical, artistic, and spiritual needs. With the rapid development of inter-disciplinarity in sciences over the last half century, botany, the science that studies green life forms, has metamorphosized into green life science, with several sub-disciplines specializing in study of forms, functions, genetics, ecology, and evolution.

The U-M Green Life Science Initiative is a faculty-sponsored initiative that is supported by various departments and units at University of Michigan. Its main aim is to integrate green life sciences on the campus, which investigate forms, functions, genetics, ecology and evolution of green life forms: plants, algae and microbes.

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2017 GLS Symposium Registration Now Open! Register Now!

The 2017 Green Life Science symposium at the University of Michigan will bring together nationally- and internationally-known experts in green life sciences (including U-M alumni) to talk with and to U-M students and faculty about the latest developments in genetically modified organisms (GMOs). […]

A question for Plant Scientists: “So, why is what you do important?”

A post on Plantae.org by Alyssa Preiser examines this question: “So, why is what you do important?” Telling others that what we do matters. Every holiday season, at least one relative may ask you the question “What do you do?”. […]

Are you Plant Blind? EEB Grad. Student, Alex Taylor, Examines the Phenomenon

by Alex Taylor, Published in “In Good Tilth,” Oct. 12, 2016 “So that’s how asparagus grows!” When showing off my vegetable garden, I’m often met by this kind of reaction, leaving me somewhat flummoxed. But then what is surprising about […]

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