Working as a green life scientist can be an incredibly rewarding undertaking. Undergraduate students with an interest in the field are encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss their academic options.

The Program in Biology offers an undergraduate program in Plant Biology, as well as a Plant Biology minor and flexible elective options in the Biology and Ecology, Evolution & Biodiversity majors. Students interested in undergraduate research or graduate work are invited to reach out to faculty in their fields of interest to discuss the program that best suits their research!

“The botany courses I had at the University of Michigan were without a doubt the most hands on classes I took. Every lab course had countless specimens related to the topic for the week which I could dissect or interact with. I retained knowledge much better than other courses because I got to physically see how the physics or chemistry of a structure applied to a living specimen, which allows me to recognize examples of it outside the lab in the real world. ”

-Jordan Shore, Plant Biology 2017

“Studying plant science at U of M has connected me to a life affirming and grounding discipline — one that is both mysterious and exciting. Whether it’s exploring sustainable agriculture alternatives, discussing the effects of climate change on plant communities, or contemplating the complexities of pollination ecology, there never seems to be a shortage of intriguing and pressing questions within plant science. My involvement in this field of study makes me feel like I’m a part of something really important, something that the future of our planet depends on.”

-Kate Samra, Plant Biology 2019