As Instructor of Record:

Seminar on Comparative Politics (Fall 2021), Syllabus
[Not-for-credit course for Yangon University’s undergraduate students in political science due to the disruptions in education after the 2021 Burmese coup d’├ętat.]

POLSCI 389: Historical Political Economy (Summer 2021), Syllabus Student Evaluations

As Graduate Student Instructor:

POLSCI 993 – Preparing for a Career in Political Science (Fall 2022)

POLSCI 993 – Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Training (Fall 2021)

POLSCI 389: Stability of American Democracy (Winter 2020)

POLSCI 490: Game Theory in Political Science (Winter 2019)

INTLSTD 301: Political Economy of Development (Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2020)