The Humanities PhD Project supports doctoral students and faculty in the humanities as they imagine, plan for, and pursue multiple career paths as humanists in the world, in the academy and beyond.

Funded by the Andrew S. Mellon Foundation and the Rackham Graduate School, this project broadens the career paths of humanities doctoral students and considers new ways doctoral programs can support these efforts.

This website provides:

  • Graduate students with career resources linked to different stages in their careers
  • Faculty with resources to mentor students, innovate courses, and re-examine doctoral curricula
  • A blog featuring the experiences of doctoral students who participated in Rackham Public Engagement Fellowships and short-term immersives
  • Alumni voices showcasing the work of Michigan PhDs outside the tenure track
  • A calendar for humanities professionalization events and a form to submit new events to the calendar

Featured Content

How Graduate Advisers Can Bolster Their Career Guidance

This piece by James M. Van Wyck encourages graduate advisers to actively develop their knowledge of where humanities PhDs work, to look to their own networks as a resource for connecting students with possible post-graduation options, and to adopt a perspective that understands career advising as a team-based approach rather than the sole responsibility of the adviser.  

Where do humanists work?: Organizational Profiles

Graduates of humanities PhD programs finish their degrees with wide-ranging abilities in research, communication, instruction, and project management. For students who have spent many years at research-intensive institutions, however, it is can be difficult to imagine context outside of the professoriate where they can apply their training. As an assignment for English 630: Professional Humanities Careers, doctoral students from across the University of Michigan’s humanities departments brainstormed the following list of organizations as places to pursue humanities careers. By no means exhaustive, the organizations below can nevertheless inspire job-seekers to […]

A Humanities Careers Timeline for the PhD Student

By Matthew Woodbury, Research Assistant, The Humanities PhD Project Among her opening remarks at the University of Michigan’s Career Connections Conference, Dr. Fatimah Williams Castro (Founder and CEO of Beyond the Tenure Track) emphasized the importance of preparation and planning to a successful job search. Instead of waiting for the last semester to consider post-graduation options, Dr. Castro encouraged graduate students to take a longer approach. Universities, especially well-resourced institutions like the University of Michigan, provide a wealth of options for their students. At times, however, this abundance and the […]

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Upcoming Events

all-day Reimagining Public Engagement: A...
Reimagining Public Engagement: A...
Sep 4 all-day
Reimagining Public Engagement: A Public Humanities Mini-course:
Reimagining Public Engagement How can scholarship and other intellectual activities more effectively contribute to, enlist, and shape public discourses? This one-credit seminar for graduate students in the Humanities examines the non-scholarly applications of academic knowledge, both theoretically and practically. We will begin by assessing the very notion of the academy as a separate sphere for contemplation. We will then consider a) the predominant forms of academic contribution to public discourse and how they answer fundamental questions about the public role of scholarship, and b) the potential uses of activities unevenly[...]
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