Interested Students

Undergraduate students interested in Research Assistant positions: please email with a copy of your resume and transcript to express interest.

You might be a good fit for the Jonides lab if you…

  • are interested in conflict, attention, distraction, or how our brains process stimuli
  • are interested in working with psychophysics or biological outcome measures like reaction speed/accuracy, eye tracking, EMG muscle responses, or heart rate
  • are interested in differences in cognition between populations (particularly those with and without ADHD, or younger vs older individuals)
  • want to know more about anything else described on our website
  • want to work with human participants by running studies
  • have experience with programming, statistics, or computational modelling (this is by no means a requirement; many of our RAs do not)

Note that our lab is not currently doing any neuroimaging studies – Although you won’t work directly with fMRI or EEG measures, neuroimaging literature often informs our work.

Spring/Summer 2024: We are currently not recruiting any more RAs for this semester.

Fall 2024: RA positions may be available. Please reach out if you are interested.