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Recent Publications


Hsu, I-U., Linsley, J.W., Zhang, X., Varineau, J.E., Berkhoudt, D.A., Reid, L.E., Lum, M.C., Orzel, A.M., Leflein, A., Xu, H., Collins, C.A., Hume, R.I., Levitan, E.S. and Kuwada, J.Y. Stac protein regulates release of neuropeptides., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,, 2020.

Hsu, I-U.*, Linsley, J.W.*, Reid, L.E., Hume, R.I., Leflein, A. and Kuwada, J.Y. Dstac regulates excitation-contraction coupling in Drosophila body wall muscles., Frontiers in Physiol., 11:573723 doi: 3389/fphys.2020.573723, 2020.


Hsu, I-U., Linsley, J.W., Varineau, J., Shafer, O.T. and Kuwada, J.Y. Dstac is a novel regulator of circadian activity rhythms in Drosophila., Chronobiology International, doi: 1080/07420528, 2018.

Gribble, K.D., Walker, L.J., Saint-Amant, L., Kuwada, J.Y. and Granato, M. The synaptic receptor LRP4 promotes peripheral nerve regeneration., Nature Commun., doi:10.1038/s41467-018-04806-4, 2018.


Linsley, J.W., Hsu, I-U., Groom, L., Yarotskyy, V., Lavorato, M., Horstick, E.J. Linsley, D., Wang, W., Franzini-Armstrong, C., Dirksen, R.T. and Kuwada, J.Y. Congenital myopathy results from misregulation of a muscle Ca2+ channel by mutant Stac3., Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, doi:10.1073/pnas.1619238114, 2017.

Linsley, J.W., Hsu, I-U., Wang, W. and Kuwada, J.Y. Transport of the alpha subunit of the voltage dependent L-type calcium channel through the sarcoplasmic reticulum occurs prior to localization to triads and requires the beta subunit but not Stac3 in skeletal muscles., Traffic, 18:622-632, 2017.

Song, M., Medley, J.C. and Kuwada, J.Y. The zebrafish curly fry is required for proper centrosome and mitotic spindle assembly., Zebrafish, DOI:10.1089/zeb.2017-1427, 2017.


Ogino, K., Low, S.E., Yamada, K., Saint-Amant, L., Zhou, W., W.W., Muto, A., Asakawa, K., Nakai, J., Kawakami, K., Kuwada, J.Y. and Hirata, H. RNF121, an E3-ubiquitin ligase, facilitates the degradation and membrane localization of voltage-gated sodium channels., Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 112:2859-2864, 2015.


Iwasaki, K., Taguchi, M., Bonkowsky, J.L. and Kuwada, J.Y. Expression of arginine vasotocin receptors in the developing zebrafish CNS. Gene Expression Patterns8: 335-352

Horstick*, E.J., Linsley*, J.W., Dowling*, J.J., Hauser, M.A., McDonald, K.K., Ashley-Koch, A. Saint-Amant, L., Satish, A., Cui, W.C., Zhou, W., Sprague, S.M., Franzini-Armstrong, C., Hirata#, H. and Kuwada#, J.Y.  Stac3 is a component of the excitation-contraction coupling machinery and mutated in Native American myopathy. Nature Communications//


Hirata, H., Wen, H., Kawakami, Y., Naganawa, Y., Ogino, K., Saint-amant, L., Low, S.E., Cui, W.W., Zhou, W., Sprague, S.M., Asakawa, K., Muto, A., Kawakami, K. and Kuwada, J.Y. Connexin39.9, a muscle-specific connexin, is necessary for coordinated contractions of slow-twitch skeletal muscle. J. Biol. Chem. 287:1080-1089

Dowling, J.J., Arbogast, S., Hur, J., Nelson, D.D., McEvoy, A., Waugh, T., Marty, I., Lunardi, J., Kuwada, J.Y., and Ferreiro, A. Oxidative stress and successful antioxidant treatment in RYR1-related myopathies. Brain135:1115-1127


Low S.E., Amburgey, K., Horstick, E., Linsley, J., Sprague, S.M., Cui, W.W., Zhou, W., Hirata, H., Saint-Amant, L., Hume, R.I., and Kuwada, J.Y. TRPM7 is required within zebrafish sensory neurons for the activation of touch-evoked motor behaviors. J. Neuroscience31:11633-11644


Low, S.E., Ryan, J., Sprague, S.M., Hirata, H., Cui, W.W., Zhou, W. Hume, R.I., Kuwada, J.Y. and Saint-Amant, L. touché is required for touch evoked generator potentials within vertebrate sensory neurons. J. Neuroscience30:9359-9367 PubMed Abstract

Low, S.E.*, Zhou, W.*, Choong, I., Saint-Amant, L., Sprague, S.M., Hirata, H., Cui, W.W., Hume, R.I. and Kuwada, J.Y. NaV1.6a is required for normal activation of motor circuits normally excited by tactile stimulation. Developmental Neurobiology70:508-522 PubMed Abstract

Hirata, H., Carta, E., Yamanaka, I., Harvey, R.J. and Kuwada, J.Y. Defective glycinergic synaptic transmission in zebrafish motility mutants. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience2:26 PubMed Abstract


Dowling, J.J., Vreede, A., Low, S.E., Kuwada, J.Y., Bonnemann, C. and Feldman, E.L. Loss of myotubularin function results in T-tubule disorganization in zebrafish and human myotubular myopathy. PLoS Genetics5:e1000372 PubMed Abstract


Bruneau, E.G., Brenner D.S., Kuwada, J.Y. and Akaaboune, M. Acetylcholine receptor clustering is required for the accumulation and maintenance of post-synaptic scaffolding proteins. Current Biology18: 109-115 PubMed Abstract

Low, S.E., Kuwada, J.Y. and Hume, R.I. Amino acid variations resulting in functional and nonfunctional zebrafish P2X1 and P2X5.1 receptors. Purinergic Signaling4:383-92 PubMed Abstract

Zhou W, Horstick EJ, Hirata H, and Kuwada J.Y. Identification and expression of voltage-gated calcium channel beta subunits in Zebrafish. Developmental Dynamics237:3842-52 PubMed Abstract

Saint-Amant, L., Sprague, S.M., Hirata, H., Li, Q., Cui, W.W., Zhou, W., Poudou, O., Hume, R.I. and Kuwada, J.Y. The zebrafish ennui behavioral mutation disrupts acetylcholine receptor localization and motor stability. Developmental Neurobiology68: 45-61. PubMed Abstract


Hirata, H., Watanabe, T., Hatakeyama, J., Sprague, S.M., Saint-Amant, L., Nagashima, A., Cui, W.W., Zhou, W., and Kuwada, J.Y. Zebrafish relatively-relaxed mutants have a ryanodine receptor defect, exhibit slow swimming and provide a model of multi-minicore disease. Development134: 2771-2781 PubMed Abstract

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