FEMMES (Females Excelling More in Math Engineering and Science) Capstone

FEMMES is an organization at the University of Michigan targeting middle school aged girls for early science intervention. The organization hosts a capstone event each semester where young girls are bused in from several school districts all over Southeast Michigan to spend a Saturday visiting different science and math based activities. I have volunteered for FEMMES in several capacities and most recently, havingĀ  co-designed the Astronomy activity for the Winter 2018 Capstone event. Titled “What’s your address in the Universe?: Get to know your galactic neighbors!” , the activity is comprised of three different classes of astrophysical objects (neighbors) in the galaxy; stars, planets, and black holes. I adapted the demonstration on star and planet formation from my experience at UMMNH, to be an interactive discussion on star formation and designed a planet detection activity for the stars and planets portions, respectively.