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LSA Pedestrian Detour Plan 12.22.17 LSA Pedestrian Detour Plan 12.22.17Starting Wednesday, January 3, 2018, the northwest door will be locked from the exterior. To enter the building, you will need to utilize the State street entrance. Occupants will still be able to exit from the NW door and it is recommended that the exit path from this NW stair be directly to the north using the concrete sidewalk between the Kelsey and the LSA building and not through the loading dock driveway

The southwest building stair door will remain open for entering and exiting until spring 2018 when the Michigan Union project starts. At that time,  the SW door will be changed to exit only as well.

Tree Removal – March 25-26th

As part of upcoming construction projects on the LSA Building, Trotter Multicultural Center, and the Michigan Union, U-M foresters will be removing several trees from around the LSA Building. The work will occur over this coming weekend (March 25 and 26), which should minimize disturbance of work and classes.

The trees are located on the Maynard Street side of the building. We expect that 8 trees and a grouping of shrubs will be removed from around our building.  Four of these trees are within the footprint of the building addition. Others are within the proposed excavation area to support the construction. The parking lot to the West of LSA will be closed this weekend and utilized for staging and debris removal.

There were several additional considerations in this project. We want to remove the trees while it is still early enough in the year that birds have not begun nesting in them, and to coordinate these removals with some others required by construction of the new Trotter Multicultural Center and renovations to the Union.

It is our intent to recycle some of the wood and incorporate it into the project if possible. To that end U-M will be contracting with Freier Forestry (the same organization that reclaimed and made art from trees removed following renovation of the U-M Museum of Art).

Please direct questions regarding the removal to Bob Johnston, Director of Facilites (734-764-0323).