Mark Adams Conger

Mark came to the U. of Michigan a long time ago to be a math grad student, and finally received his Ph.D. in 2007. He is now a lecturer in the Comprehensive Studies Department. He is interested in enumerative combinatorics and discrete probability. He likes to write programs as well as do math. For the last 8 years Mark has been teaching and developing the Douglass Houghton Scholars Program. DHSP is a workshop for first-year calculus students in the style of the Emerging Scholars Program developed by Uri Treisman at Berkeley and the University of Texas. It's been modified heavily for use at Michigan. For the last 13 summers Mark has been an instructor for the Michigan Math and Science Scholars, a summer enrichment program for high school students. And for the past three summers, Mark taught a course called Math 104 in Michigan's Bridge program. It's designed to teach some of the great ideas of mathematics to liberal arts students.


In July I teach a class in the Michigan Math and Science Scholars summer camp.  The camp is for advanced high school students who are interested enough to give up 2 weeks of their summer to learn some math and science.  For the last 9 years I’ve taught a class called Math and the Internet, …

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