The Michigan Journal of Economics (MJE) is a student-run newspaper at the University of Michigan inside the Michigan Department of Economics. Our goal is to provide a cooperative space for students to work on pieces of writing which broadly relate to Economics. This writing need not be scholarly, but certainly can be. The journal accepts writing which might fall under the broad topics of research, literature review, finance/business, domestic economics, international economics, and boundaries of economics. MJE accepts new staff writers in the fall and winter terms but accepts outside submissions as well.

MJE was founded due to a desire for students to have a greater ability to write outside of the classroom while engaging in scholarly research and the work that is currently being performed in the field. If you are a current University of Michigan student and want to join MJE, please email mje-board@umich.edu.

We at MJE welcome any individual to submit an article –  of their own making – for consideration in our publication.

The Michigan Journal of Economics is currently run by Noah Rich, Bernardo Conterno, Amer Goel, Gabriella Mullen, Ashley Sludd, Yael Atzmon, and Max Leshne and can be reached at mje-board@umich.edu.