Teaching & Advising

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Democracy and Development in Africa (UM, offered Fall 2014)
  • Parties and Elections in Developing Countries
  • Topics in African Politics
  • Political Institutions in Democracies and Non-Democracies
  • Political Economy of Africa

Graduate Courses:

  • Field Experiments (UM, offered Fall 2014)
  • Strategies for Political Inquiry
  • Field Seminar in Comparative Politics
  • Politics and Economics of Africa

APSA Short Course:

  • Using Qualitative Information to Improve Causal Inference (SC-19, 2013)

PhD Students:

  • Janet Lewis (Harvard 2012; assistant professor, US Naval Academy)
  • Sarah Shehabuddin (Harvard 2012; assistant professor, Asian University for Women, Bangladesh)
  • Catherine Kelly (Harvard 2014; post-doc, Washington University in St. Louis)
  • Christopher Rhodes (Harvard, expected 2014)
  • Julie Faller (Harvard, expected 2015)
  • Noah Nathan
  • Ana Catalano Weeks