Welcome to the “Reading the Port Huron Statement (PHS)” website. Students involved in the Residential College’s Summer Reads at the University of Michigan will find not only the full text of the PHS, but also the Sharon Statement — a foundational document for the Young Americans for Freedom — as well as chapters from Helen Fox’s book, Their Highest Vocation: Social Justice and the Millennial Generation. Click here for more information on the Summer Reads and the RC Convocation, scheduled for early September.

The Port Huron Statement will also be used in various ways throughout the Fall semester by the Honors Program, the Program in the Environment, and the Michigan Community Scholars Program, culminating in a three day conference — “A New Insurgency: The Port Huron Statement in Its Time and Ours” — at the University of Michigan, October 31-Nov 2, 2012. This conference brings together former activists associated with the Students for a Democratic Society, scholars whose work focuses on various aspects of the New Left, current student activists, UM faculty and others interested in the making of a New Left (1958-1965) and its impact on our own historical moment. Learn more here about the conference.

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