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EPICS: Exploration of Psychopathology in Clinical Science

Interested in participating in Mood Lifters for Undergraduates? Email us here: moodliftersundergrad@umich.edu

Please only email us if you are interested in being a participant in the Mood Lifters for Undergraduates Research Study. We are not currently accepting RA applications!

Our lab focuses on the neuroscience and treatment of mental health. At the moment, we are working on two different projects: Mood Lifters and the Neuroscience of Mood and Psychotic Illnesses.

Mood Lifters

Mood Lifters is an evidence-based mental health program drawing components from CBT, DBT and ACT. The original Mood Lifters programed demonstrated significant success in lowering participants’ symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. However, the research on this program continues as new versions of Mood Lifters are being developed. Currently, the lab is working on Mood Lifters for Graduate Students or Young Professionals and Mood Lifters — Bipolar Disorder.

Neuroscience of Mood and Psychotic illnesses

We are also currently collaborating with other labs to further examine psychophysiological components of Mood and Psychotic illnesses. This project uses EEG/ERP methods to study neural mechanisms underlying bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder.

Click here to learn more about our current research areas.

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