Psych OUT at Michigan

Psych OUT at The University of Michigan was founded in 2016 by a group of graduate students who were interested in creating an inclusive space for queer graduate students in The Department of Psychology. Our mission is to create and foster a community for LGBTQ+ folk in the department, grow a community of academics that promote queer scholarship in our sub-fields, support students who may not be “out”, raise awareness of issues facing queer students within the department, and engage and educate our straight and/or cisgender allies. 
Psych OUT explicitly acknowledges that queerness is forged and shaped by the various identities we each hold. As such, we strive to build and nurture relationships with other affinity groups in the department and actively encourage our members to participate in all groups both within and outside the department that are applicable to our lives. We challenge our members holding more privilege to be proactive as allies in instances of injustice.
While our organization is tiny, we try to provide ample opportunity for folks to network and build community. In the past, we’ve held movie nights, game nights, happy hours, picnics, craft events, dinners, and casual hangs. Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve primarily been virtual and our social events are designed with the latest public health recommendations in mind.