Voices of the Middle West was an annual conference held each March at East Quad in 2014, 2015, and 2016. The festival brought together U-M students and faculty with writers and presses from all over the Midwest to showcase the rich, magnificent work being produced in the Midwest, the stories that need to be told, the voices that need to be heard.

The Men Behind The Eight Houses. Attached (8gents) is a a document with info on the 8 men whose names represent the 8 East Quad houses (Greene, Tyler, Prescott, Hinsdale, for the northern houses; Anderson, Cooley, Hayden, Strauss, for the southern houses).  For more info on each: Anderson;  Cooley;  Hayden; Strauss;  Hinsdale; Greene; Tyler; Prescott  

Benzinger Library is named for Chuck Benzinger, who was treasurer of the East Quad Council in 1952 that called for the creation in the East Quad basement of a library and other facilities (including space for a snack bar, which eventually became the Halfway Inn, and rooms used by the new student radio station, WCBN).

An overview of RC directors.


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