U-M Student Organizations Useful for Writers!

U-M’s Center for Campus Involvement is “the central hub “for 1,600 student organizations at Michigan. We have highlighted several dozen that seem particularly of interest for student writers, including their descriptions and websites. (Some of these organizations may be dormant . . . .) This list does not include the four RC student organizations (RC Review, RC Players, RC Forums, Prison Creative Arts, 58 Greene A Capella), which you are hopefully already familiar with. We include a short list of additional “writer-ly” organizations which are specialized (for engineering students, for example). The Arts at Michigan directory page is at http://artsatmichigan.umich.edu/studentarts/directory/

If interested in starting a new organization, information is here: https://campusinvolvement.umich.edu/content/student-organization-registration-0#new-org-registration

BOUNDLESS Experience Magazine
It is the mission of BOUNDLESS to support and enhance the lives of all women on campus especially those women who are disproportionately affected by limited college aid and support. We want to support women who aim to pursue careers where they are often underrepresented. This includes business, law, higher education, medicine, politics, activism, fashion, and entertainment. Most importantly, BOUNDLESS aims to provides great ways to enhance all college women lives by providing monthly knowledge on the seven dimension of wellness; spiritual, emotional, professional, environmental, social, physical, and intellectual. https://boundlesslyyou.wixsite.com/boundlessmagazine

CONSIDER: is a student run point/counterpoint publication on campus that features non-partisan civil discourse on a wide range of issues. CONSIDER: also runs a website that features electronic versions of issues and blog posts on various topics.We are committed to serving as a platform for serious engagement, learning, and challenging ideas. http://considermag.org/

Fortnight Literary Press
Fortnight is a student-run literary magazine from the University of Michigan that publishes student work. We take submissions of prose, poetry, art, and anything else we deem interesting. We accept submissions year round at our email address: fortnight-sub@umich.edu Our staff meetings take place every Sunday at 5P.M. at Elixir Vitae Cafe on Maynard Street. You can find our published work on a rack in Angell Hall, near the Posting Wall. There should be a cool sign with a moon on it. https://fortnightlitpress.wordpress.com/

Friends of the Gargoyle
We sponsor making people laugh. A lot. https://issuu.com/gargoylemagazine

Glimpse Magazine
Photojournalistic, illustrative, and literary magazine that explores and documents the people and places within Ann Arbor. Glimpse is about capturing the fleeting moments that happen in Ann Arbor every day and every second – preserving moments, places, people, conversations, smiles, etc. Glimpse serves as a sort of artistic yearbook, an exploration of Ann Arbor through photographs, prose, poetry, and illustrations. The magazine is meant to be passed on, admired, talked about, and a source of inspiration for conversation, exploration, and adventuring around the city. One could call it a guide to the city, or a guide to understanding the beautiful moments we sometimes bypass. http://www-personal.umich.edu/~cadali/glimpseweb/about.html#

Groundcover Student Group
 We partner with Groundcover News to take action at ending homelessness and poverty. We raise awareness of Groundcover News, design and write columns in the newspaper, plan fundraisers, tutor and assist vendors, and volunteer at the Groundcover office.This organization partners with Groundcover News of Ann Abor to help homeless persons transition to being housed and employed through selling the Groundcover newspaper. Groundcover News empowers these vendors to end poverty and homelessness while raising awareness of the plight of homeless peoples and of the increase in poverty. The students’ roles are to raise awareness of Groundcover News on campus through fundraisers, presentations, events on campus, and fliers, take part in designing and writing in the Groundcover newspaper, tutor vendors, hold professional development workshops for the vendors, and help the vendors create signs to attract customers. https://groundcovernews.org/

Her Campus
Her Campus at the University of Michigan is a contributing pink level chapter for the National Her Campus online magazine, which is a popular online publication geared toward collegiate women worldwide. Members are required to produce at least one article per month on any topic of their choice. Members are also encouraged to promote the organization through events, working with community and campus organizations, and reaching out to readers through social media.HC U Mich strives to create a welcoming and energetic community where those interested in writing and journalism can express their talents both individually and collaboratively. We continually strive to garnish more participation and publicity of the magazine on campus. https://www.hercampus.com/school/u-mich

The Michigander Magazine
Drawing inspiration from The New Yorker, The Michigander’s mission is to fulfill a niche for essays and other pieces that might not be able to be included in current periodicals or literary magazines. In addition, The Michigander aims to showcase student and alumni work including (but not limited to): journalistic reports, nonfiction, short fiction, art, photography, and poetry. https://maizepages.umich.edu/organization/michigander

Michiganensian Yearbook
The Michiganensian Yearbook is the only publication at the University of Michigan that can truly capture the spirit and character of the entire year. The Michiganensian is a full color, 368-page book featuring campus life, special events, sports, student organizations, and more. It also features the graduates from both the fall of 2017 and winter of 2018 academic terms. https://www.michiganyearbook.com/

Not Even Really Drama Students (N.E.R.D.S.)
This organization was created by a group of non-theater students who are passionate about musical theater, with the purpose of creating and performing student written musicals and plays. The aims of the organization are to write, produce, act in, and direct plays. The organization functions to enable this group of friends to pursue their passion. http://nerdsdotheatre.wixsite.com/home

The Oleander Review
We are The Oleander Review, an undergraduate-run literary magazine at the University of Michigan that publishes both local and national writers of all levels of expertise and backgrounds. We aim to provide a professional experience for undergraduates to try their hand at evaluating, editing, and publishing a physical journal that can be found on bookshelves and purchased online. We also aim to reach out to established writers from all around the country, thereby encouraging young writers to continue pursuing their creative endeavors.From October to January, we will be accepting submissions from any interested writers nation-wide. We are always looking for good poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and artwork to showcase in our single, yearly issue. At the end of the school year, we will celebrate our local writers and artists by holding a reading at the Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor. http://theoleanderrev.wixsite.com/oleanderreview

Sisters in Cinema
SIC advocates for the advancement & success of diverse women & non-binary artists in the film, TV, & digital media industry by hosting screening series, production workshops, guest-speaker events, & by providing the means for female & non-binary filmmakers to produce their own projects. https://maizepages.umich.edu/organization/sic

We are an organization that seeks to promote connection among current students and provide an unfiltered view to prospective students through films. We seek to gather interesting stories from students across all discipline. https://maizepages.umich.edu/organization/StoryTeller

Student Arts Magazine
The Student Arts Magazine is a group dedicated to the production of an arts and culture publication. The magazines will incorporate student created artwork, writing (creative fiction, non-fiction, essay…etc) as well as music (presented on CD or thumbdrive) and fashion. The publications will be distributed to the public in various locations on campus for free! https://maizepages.umich.edu/organization/studentartsmag

The Tab
The Tab Michigan is an online publication that focuses on campus news and student life. We write pieces that are relevant to Michigan students, including news, lifestyle, opinion, sports, and editorial articles. We’re a publication that focuses on the perspective of Michigan students, and what’s affecting them right now in their day to day lives. https://thetab.com/us/michigan/

UM Slam Poetry
UM Slam Poetry is University of Michigan’s premier poetry club dedicated to slam poetry. It is the only club to officially represent University of Michigan at the Association of College Unions International Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI). UM Slam hosts and organizes poetry slams, poetry writing workshops, pop-up poetry sessions, collaborative slams with multiple student organizations on campus, and a myriad of awesome events & programs throughout the academic year!! The slams in particular lead poets to the Grand Slam held in January, which determines what poets will be selected to represent the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor at CUPSI. UM Slam is NOT ONLY for competing CUPSI poets. It is for any and all U of M students and/or poets that wish to join a community of poets, further their writing/performance skills or enjoy watching/attending poetry slams. We encourage all to come enjoy some good fun and community with UM Slam poetry. https://campusinvolvement.umich.edu/poetry-slam

Undergraduate English Association
The Undergraduate English Association is an academic and social supplement to the English curriculum. The group is designed to foster development and communication between University of Michigan undergraduate students and faculty, the English department, and the community. From career panels to poetry readings, our print newsletter (Fortnight), to class-choosing parties, and movie nights–not to mention our annual literary magazine (Xylem)–the UEA is dedicated to enhancing the experience of both English concentrators and undergraduate students of all majors. Everyone is welcome to join our meetings, committees, and workshops. https://maizepages.umich.edu/organization/uea

WCBN is the University of Michigan student-run community freeform radio station in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We broadcast at 88.3 FM to the University and its surrounding communities from the Basement of the Student Activities Building in downtown Treetown. We are governed by our Constitution.Our emphasis is on alternative broadcasting, that is, exposing our listenership to things they can’t hear on other radio stations. Our Program Guide is published once a semester; sometimes as a poster and sometimes as a 16 or 24-page booklet. http://www.wcbn.org/

What the F: Your Monthly Periodical 
What the F is a feminist organization on campus that engages in the fight towards equality in a multitude of ways. Each year, What the F publishes multiple print magazines that include a wide variety of writing styles, voices, and artistic expressions. We also run a continuous blog where writers and artists can react to more relevant issues at any time. In an effort to build community and activism on campus, we believe it is important to push past the boundaries of what it means to be a traditional publication. As an organization, we hold multiple events throughout the semester that promote discussion, evoke empowerment, and provide an alternative social setting for students. In our writing, our artistic expression, and our events, What the F is dedicated to a form of feminism that values intersectionality and inclusively. We recognize that individuals face oppression through multiple different facets of their identity, whether it be through gender, race, nationality, sexual identity, religion, ability, etc. We aim to support, to heal, and to express ourselves freely. Reach out to whatthefmagazine@gmail.com if you would like to get involved in our community!

Word of Mouth (Story slam events
We are a student org that hosts monthly story slam events. Each event has a theme and members of the audience tell stories on that theme. Audience members place their names into a hat and ten names are drawn out by chance. Random members of the audience are selected as judges who rate the stories. Events are always free and open to townies, professors, and students. Our next event is on October 21st at 6 pm at Work Gallery on State St. https://maizepages.umich.edu/organization/wordofmouthstories

Interested in hosting, directing, or producing your own television show? Check out WOLV-TV, the University of Michigan student-run television station! There are opportunities to create original entertainment, news, and sports programming. Since 1994, WOLV-TV’s goal has been to provide University of Michigan students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in television production. We strive to provide informative, engaging and entertaining programming to the UM community.WOLV is a great place to grow your TV resume if you had experience in high school, and is a fantastic place to start work in TV if you have not yet started. Our studio and office are located in North Quad.If you’re interested in finding out more information, check out our website http://wolvtv.org or email wolv@umich.edu. 

Writers Community
Writers’ Community is a student-led creative writing group based on work shopping. Each week, members are encouraged to bring their words to be presented to the group for reactions and critique. We are a very laid-back group that aspires to provide constructive criticism and support as we all navigate the sometimes-treacherous terrain of characters, words, and plot twists. Creative writing of any kind is welcomed with open arms. Writing exercises, prompts, and games are frequently featured, adding sparkle and pizza to our already scintillating meetings. https://thewcwalrus.wordpress.com/

Xylem Literary Magazine provides the opportunity for undergraduates to publish their creative works in a professional literary publication organized and designed by UM students. Through this work, Xylem strives to spread awareness of UM students’ creativity. All students are encouraged to submit art and writing for consideration. Beyond merely submitting work, there are numerous other ways to become involved in the creation of Xylem Literary Magazine − from publicity to layout design to submission selection. https://xylemmag.wordpress.com/

More specialized . . . .

Blueprint Literary Magaizne (North Campus Engineering)
Hillel Arts (HARTS) (Jewish students
The Hippo Literary Magazine (Med School)
LEAD Magazine
LOL ROFL Stand-Up Comedy Club
M-Agination Films
Mentality Magazine (educate about mental health
The Michigan Artist Community (M.A.C.)
Michigan Toastmasters
The Shenanigan Collective (comedy, etc.)
SHEI Magazine (Asian interest)
Solos Literary Magazine (School of Music, Theatre, and Dance)
Thus Spoke Ann Arbor (Chinese drama)