My research has been devoted to developing, testing and disseminating organizational innovations designed to cope with the changing demands of working life and improving worker health and productivity. A list of research papers, chapters, and books can be found here.

One innovation, Winning New Jobs, developed by the Michigan Prevention Research Center at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research offers a model program to increase job search skills and psychological resilience in people experiencing work and career transitions. Winning New Jobs has been rigorously evaluated and replicated in large-scale randomized trials and has been adopted both in the United States and internationally. Winning New Jobs increases motivation for skillful job search, results in more rapid reemployment and reduces the risk of depression. Cost-benefit analyses indicate positive economic impacts. Here is an extensive list of publications, research instruments and other materials for Winning New Jobs.

The Best Practice Exchange for Work and Health is a new research initiative designed to bring together researchers who have developed evidence based programs for enhancing worker health and productivity with professionals interested in adopting proven programs for their workforce. The Exchange will offer a platform for collaboration, and will support potential partnerships aimed at improving worker health and productivity. Here is a concept paper describing the Best Practice Exchange for Work and Health.