What We Do in the SaSI Lab

Current topics of interest in the SaSI Lab are:

How Accurate is Self-Judgment?
Do people recognize their own incompetence?
Do people overplay their beliefs about moral superiority over others?
Do people understand the impact of emotion on their behavior?

How Accurate is Social Judgment?
Can people predict the actions of others?
Do people understand the impact of emotions on other people’s actions?

How Does Self-Deception Work?
Does wishful thinking influence visual and auditory perception?
Does wishful thinking happen automatically–quickly, before it leaves a conscious trace?

How Do People Behave Economically?
How can we explain why people trust others when economists suggest they shouldn’t?
Do psychological rather than economic forces explain the choices that people

How Do People’s Views of Self Influence Their Judgments of Other People?

How Can We Tell Eyewitness Accuracy from Error?