I am happy to supervise graduate students interested in Greek scholarship and Greek science, literary and sub-literary papyrology and reception studies.

PhD Dissertations Committees:

  • Matteo Milesi, Porphyry as Commentator (in progress)
  • Tyler Mayo (chair). ‘Research and Experiment in Early Greek Thought’ (October 2018)
  • Clara Bosak-Schroeder (chair), ‘Alternative Ecologies: Ethnography and the Natural World in Classical Literature’ (December 2014)
  • Michael McOsker, ‘On the Good Poem According to Philodemus: Epicurean Poetics’ (August 2015)
  • Matthew Cohn, ‘The Admonishing Muse: Ancient Interpretations of Personal Abuse in Old Comedy’ (March 2013)
  • Katherine Lu, ‘Heracles and Heroic Disaster’ (December 2012)
  • Cassandra Borges, ‘The Geography of the Iliad in Ancient Scholarship’ (August 2011)

I teach courses on Greek literature at every level (undergraduate and graduate) and on most curricular authors from Homer to Lucian. Among the Classical Civilization courses I regularly teach are Greek Civilization (CLCIV 101), Greek Tragedy Then and Now (CLCIV 120), Greek Myth (CLCIV 385), and Classical Comedy from Aristophanes to Sitcoms (CLCIV 350), Greek Science (CLCIV 350).

My Courses at the University of Michigan (courses taught in original language unless otherwise specified):

  • CLCIV 101: Greek Civilization (in translation).
  • CLCIV 120: Greek Tragedy Then and Now [freshman seminar] (in translation).
  • CLCIV 350: Classical Comedy from Aristophanes to Sitcoms (in translation).
  • CLCIV 350: Greek Science (in translation)
  • CLCIV 385: Greek Myth (in translation).
  • Greek 301: Second-Year Greek: Plato, Apology.
  • Greek 401: Greek Prose: Herodotus, Book 1.
  • Greek 402: Greek Drama (Euripides’ Bacchae and Trojan Women; Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Antigone; The Electra Plays –Sophocles’ Electra and Euripides’ Electra in original; Agamemnon’s Oresteia in translation; Euripides, Medea and its reception; Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound and Persians and reception; Euripides’ Hecuba and Trojan Women)
  • Greek 592 and Greek 573: History of Greek Literature, from the fourth century BCE to the Roman Period [graduate courses].
  • Greek 870: Graduate Seminar on Greek Science
  • Latin/Greek 600: Methods of Classical Scholarship: Session on Papyrology.
  • Latin/Greek 600: Methods of Classical Scholarship: Session on Reception Studies.