Recent Articles


“Autobiographical Inscription and the Identity Assemblage,” under consideration for an edited collection on Inscribed Identities, essays from a conference at Stanford University, May 2017.

“Metaleptic Moments in Autobiographical Narration.” With Julia Watson.

“The Archives of Those Who Write Themselves: What and Where Are They?” With Julia Watson

“Auto/Biographical Comics in the [Postcolonial] Classroom: Engaging Abina and the Important Men.” With Julia Watson. In The Oxford Handbook of Comic Book Studies. Ed. Frederick Aldama. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming 2020.

Articles Forthcoming

“Reading in Triplicate: Tracing the Drawn Figure of the Reader in Bechdel’s Fun Home and Forney’s Marbles.” With Julia Watson. In Women’s Life Writing and the Practice of Reading. Ed Corinne Bigot. Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Life Writing series. Forthcoming 2018.

Recent Essays

“Rethinking the Tricolon Teaching, Research, Service: A Cluster of Essays.” Profession (Modern Language Association). October 28, 2016.

“Timescapes, Backpacks, Networks: Writing Lives Across the Americas.” Auto/Biography across the Americas: Transnational Themes in Life Writing. Eds. Ricia A Chansky Sancinito and Emily Hipchin. London: Routledge, 2016. 20-37.

“Foreword.” The Routledge Auto/Biography Studies Reader. Eds. Ricia A. Chansky and Emily Hipshen (London: Routledge, 2015).

“What about False Witnessing? The Limits of ‘Authenticity’ and ‘Verification.’” With Julia Watson. Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights. Eds. Sophia McClennen and Ali Schultheis Moore (London: Routledge, 2015.) Shortened version of “Witness or False Witness.”

“Behind the Pictures: An Interview with Joanne Leonard.” Conducted by Sidonie Smith. Edited by Ricia Anne Chansky. a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 29.1. 2014. 11-25. Special Issue on “Framing Lives.”

“E-Witnessing in the Digital Age.” With Kay Schaffer. In Good Morning Freedom: Life Stories and Human Rights. Eds. Meg Jensen and Margaretta Jolly. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2014.

“The Digital Self.” With Julia Watson. The Chronicle of Higher Education, special section on “The Digital Campus.” April 25, 2014. B26-7.

“Virtually Me: A Toolkit about Online Self-Presentation.” With Julia Watson. In Identity Technologies: Constructing the Self Online. Eds. Anna Poletti and Julie Rak. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2014. 70-94.

Versions of “Virtually Me” appeared as:

Reprint of shortened version as “Vida Elétricas: A Escrita da Vida e os Novos Sujeitos das Tecnologias Virtuais.” (“Electric Lives: Life Writing and the New Subjects of Online Technologies.”) With Julia Watson. Trans. Eliana M. Limongi. In Língua e literatura na época da tecnologia. Eds. Mota, Mailce Borges; Corseuil, Anelise Reich; Beck, Magali Sperling; Tumolo, Celso Henrique Soufen. (Orgs). Florianópolis: EdUFSC, 2015.

Reprint of revised version as “Getting or Losing a Life? Privacy and Online Self-Presentation.” With Julia Watson.  In Cultures of Privacy – Paradigms, Transformations, Contestations. Eds. by Karsten Fitz and Bärbel Harju. (Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2015). ISBN 978-3-8253-6545-5. Revised version of “Virtually Me.”

Reprint of adaptation as “Virtual Play, Visible Lives:  The New Subjects of Online Environments.”  With Julia Watson.  Sich selbst aufs Spiel setzen. Spiel als Technik und Medium von Subjektivieren. Ed. Christian Moser and Regine Strätling. Munich: Wilhelm Fink, 2016, 307-24.