Statistics in the Data Science Era:

A Symposium to Celebrate 50 Years of Statistics at the University of Michigan

The Department of Statistics will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary on September 20th and 21st in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There will be talks led by former professors and alumni, as well as panel discussions.

The symposium will take place on the 4th floor of Rackham Graduate School, located at 918 E. Washington Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109.

If you are unable to attend but are interested in livestreaming the events, please follow the links on our Resources page.


Event Program PDF


Friday, September 20th

9:30-10:30    Coffee and Registration

10:30-10:50   Opening Remarks

Xuming He and Dean Anne Curzan

10:50-11:50   Keynote Speaker: Susan Murphy, Harvard University

Online Experimentation with Learning Algorithms in a Clinical Trial

11:50-12:00   Group Photo

12:00-1:30    Lunch and Poster Session

1:30-2:00     Invited Speaker: Sumanta Basu, Cornell University

Large Spectral Density Matrix Estimation by Thresholding

2:00-2:30     Invited Speaker: Anindya Bhadra, Purdue University

Horseshoe Regularization for Machine Learning in Complex and Deep Models

2:30-3:00    Coffee Break

3:00-4:00    Academic Panel Discussion

4:00-5:00    Keynote Speaker: Michael Jordan, University of California, Berkeley

Decisions and Contexts: On Gradient-Based Methods for Finding Game-Theoretic Equilibria

Saturday, September 21st

8:30-9:00     Coffee

9:00-9:30     Invited Speaker: Adam Rothman, University of Minnesota

Shrinking Characteristics of Precision Matrix Estimators

9:30-10:00    Invited Speaker: Bodhisattva Sen, Columbia University

Multivariate Rank-based Distribution-free Nonparametric Testing using Measure Transportation

10:00-10:30   Invited Speaker: Min Qian, Columbia University

Personalized Policy Learning using Longitudinal Mobile Health Data

10:30-11:00    Coffee Break

11:00-11:30     Invited Speaker: Ali Shojaie, University of Washington

Incorporating Auxiliary Information into Learning Directed Acyclic Graphs

11:30-12:00     Invited Speaker: Jing Ma, Texas A&M University

Graphical Models and Differential Networks for Microbiome Data

12:00-12:30    Invited Speaker: Eric Laber, NC State University

Sample Size Calculations for SMARTs

12:30-1:30     Lunch

1:30-2:30      Industry Panel Discussion

2:30-3:30     Keynote Speaker: Jeff Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology

Navier-Stokes, Spatial-Temporal Kriging and Combustion Stability: A Prominent Example of Physics-based Analytics

3:30-4:00     Concluding remarks